Super Yacht Show Lures The World’s Rich And Famous

Wealthy sailors are gathering for the world’s largest super yacht show in the picturesque millionaire’s playground of Monaco.

The showcase for some of the world’s most sumptuous and expensive attracts buyers and manufacturers from all over the world.

Organisers promise this year’s show will turn Monaco into the global super yacht capital of the world for four days, starting from September 23.

The Monaco Yacht Show is the oldest and most revered gathering in the world. This year is the 24th event.

In the lead up to the show, Monaco’s harbour has been taken over by a fleet of massive super yachts that surpass the size and luxury of even the huge personal ships with helipads, jet ski decks that are usually moored there by super rich owners.

Behind the scenes, an army of administrators have chased private banks, the world’s rich lists and leading celebrities to come and look around – and hopefully spend millions of dollars on a personal floating playground.

Millionaire playground

Besides being wined and dined to excess, a staggering 115 super yachts will cram into the principality’s tiny harbour.

Prospective buyers will be invited aboard the super yachts for private tours, while ashore, sales teams will discuss interior design, add-ons and offer invitations to meet the captains and crews.

“For the few days the show is on, Monaco becomes the focus of the super yacht world,” said a spokesman for the organisers.

“Every shop, restaurant and hotel room is utilised for the show, so every square inch of the small principality becomes a showcase for the industry.”

Almost every major super yacht builder is represented at the show.

Fringe activities include cordon bleu cooking, wine tasting and even lessons in how to top up a tan without burning.

Serious sailors

Super yachts at the show are between 82 feet and 262 feet long.

More than 40 new designs will be unveiled for the first time, including the 40 metre Solaris class from Princess Yachts International.

The ship has comfortable living space for 12 people, two staterooms and a gym.

For serious sailors, the ship comes with a tender, two jet skis and a diving room.

If you have to ask the price, then the Solaris is not for you.

For visitors hoping to have a peek into the lifestyles of the rich and famous, most of the tours of super yachts are by invitation only.

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