Suicide Bomb Blast At Egypt Temple


A suicide bomber has blown himself up at one of Egypt’s most popular tourist sites, injuring four people.

Police were alerted when a cab driver ignored requests to check his car boot near the Temple of Karnak, Luxor.

They tried to detain the driver when another man detonated the bomb outside the temple, killing himself and the others – including two policemen.

Police say they prevented a massacre as more than 600 tourists were visiting the large temple complex at the time.

“The terrorists had 19 loaded rifle magazines and were planning to shoot anyone they found then to blow up the bomb,” said a police spokesman.

This is the second attack on a popular tourist destination in the country within days. The government claims terrorists want to damage the economy by making the country an unwelcome place for tourists.

Shooting follows Turkish election

Violence following elections in Turkey has left three people dead in the Kurdish city of Diyarbakir.

Police are unclear how the skirmishes started after Aytac Baran, head a charity was shot dead on leaving his office in the city.

The injured were a policeman and two journalists.

The pro-Kurd party HDP won seats in parliament for the first time in recent Turkish elections.

The shooting is thought to be linked to fighting between rival Kurdish factions.

Naked photos anger gods

Tourists who stripped off for a nude photo session on top of a sacred Thai mountain allegedly angered tribal spirits which led to an earthquake which killed 18 people.

Malaysian police have arrested four of the group – two from Canada, one from Britain and one Dutch.

The police explained Mount Kinabalu was sacred to local tribes who felt insulted by the tourists taking off their clothes for photographs.

The region was hit by an earthquake measuring 6 on the Richter scale last week.

More than 150 tourists were on the mountain and were caught in deadly landslides that killed and injured many.

A cleansing ritual led by local tribal leaders is scheduled on the mountain site soon.

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