Stranded Tourists Set To Fly Home At Last


The remaining British tourist grounded in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el Shiekh should be back in the UK over the next few days, according to Egyptian officials.

Flights to the resort from Britain were suspended on October 31 following the downing of a Russian airliner by a suspected terrorist bomb.

Around 20,000 British tourists and expats were in Sharm el Shiekh at the time.

Special flights have been laid on to ferry them home and about half have already arrived in the UK.

The airport can handle 4,300 passengers an hour and besides the British contingent, thousands of tourists from other countries were also stranded without flights home when their governments also cancelled flights to Sharm el Shiekh.

British airlines have slots for 10 departures a day.

“The backlog of tourists waiting to go home should be cleared in a few days,” said an Egyptian tourist ministry spokesman.

Only hand luggage is allowed on the flights due to suspected ineffective baggage checks at the airport. The UK government will fly other luggage home next week.

Kenya crime warning

Expats and travellers to Kenya are urged to review their personal security when visiting the country due to a worsening terrorist problem and continuing violent crime on the streets in some towns and cities.

“Violent attacks that have ended in murder, including carjacking, grenade attacks, home invasions and kidnappings can happen at any time anywhere, particularly in Nairobi,” said a US State department spokesman.

Diplomats and staff at the US and other embassies are reported to have been victims of some of these crimes.

“Many visits are peaceful, but the risk of an attack is high,” said the spokesman.

Sling your vaporisers out in Singapore

Visitors to Singapore are cautioned not to take vaporisers, such as e-cigarettes, e-pipes, e-cigars, and refills into the country as they are likely to be confiscated and anyone carrying them could face a fine or jail sentence.