Stay Away From Libya After Bomb Blasts, Warns FCO

The British government has warned expats and business travellers against going to Libya due to a violent power struggle between war lords vying for control of the country.

All British expats and visitors have been urged to leave immediately.

The British Embassy in Tripoli is closed and no consular assistance is available for British nationals in trouble.

Although airports and foreign embassies have been targeted for bomb attacks, some commercial flights are still available from Misrata and Maitega.

Flights from Benghazi and Tobruk are limited.

The international airport at Tripoli has been closed since September.

Details of some flights are posted online at the Afriqiyah Facebook page, but they are subject to change or cancellation at short notice.

“Many civilian casualties have been reported after explosions in Tripoli, Tobruk and Benghazi,” Said a spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

“Our advice is not to travel to Libya, but if you do, make personal security arrangements because no embassy officials are available to help.”

Hong Kong democracy protests

Democracy protesters are still battling with police near government buildings in Hong Kong.

In recent days, police and bailiffs have patrolled the Mongkok neighbourhood to clear protest sites.

“The protests are mostly peaceful, but there has been some violence from both sides resulting in injuries,” said a FCO spokesman.

“The action is disrupting traffic, trains and flights as well.

Paradise lost

The sunshine paradise of The Seychelles is becoming a trouble spot for tourists, warns the FCO.

Travellers have been warned not to take boats more than 12 miles offshore due to attempts to rob or kidnap them by Somali pirates now operating up to 1,000 miles off the coast of Africa.

Also, onshore, crime is rising and tourists are often the target.

The FCO reports burglaries at tourist hotels and guest houses and opportunist thefts in the street or by breaking into hire vehicles are rising.

In some cases, tourists have been robbed at knifepoint.

“Police seem unable to catch these offenders and although most tourists have a safe and uneventful visit, the number of crimes is mounting up,” said an FCO spokesman.

The FCO warns about travelling after dark in town back streets.

“Another issue is drink driving on steep mountain roads with crash barriers,” said the spokesman. “A number of accidents have been reported on these narrow routes.”

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