Stay Away From Honduras, Warns US Government


The US government is warning visitors to stay away from Honduras due to crime and violence throughout the country.

Although the level has decreased recently, visitors are still at risk and 42 US visitors have been murdered since 2010 with 10 cases since January 2014.

The US State Department claims the Honduras government lacks the resources to investigate crime and that gangs can strike with virtual impunity.

Although the government has upped the police presence in tourist areas, crime is still rife and many hotels have their own security units.

Police say carjacking and street robbery against individuals or small groups by criminals posing as law enforcement officers is a particular problem because visitors do not know how to identify bogus officials.

“Kidnapping is endemic for extorting ransoms and much of the crime is controlled by drug barons,” said the State Department. “Rape, robbery and other violent crimes are also regularly reported by visitors.”

The US warning also applies to cruise ship tourists visiting the country.

“Drivers pretending to be official taxis often pick up tourists for the criminal gangs and rob or hold them to ransom,” said the spokesman.

Kenya terror alert

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is alerting travellers that visiting Malindi, Kenya is unsafe and only essential trips should be undertaken.

The threat comes from the Al Shabaab terror group carrying out reprisals in the region due to Kenyan military intervention in Somalia.

The FCO says tourist areas are safer as the government has stepped up security, but a large part of Kenya is subject to terror attacks without warning.

Recently, several police vehicles have come under fire in ambushes on the road between Garissa and Dadaab.

“Safari destinations, beach resorts and the airports are much safer and are not included in the warning,” said a spokesman. “It’s visitors who leave these areas who may face trouble.”

Bahrain protests

The British government is warning expats and holidaymakers about more public protests in Bahrain.