Rumoured Apple iPhone 7 Features And Look

Rumours about the features and look of the new iPhone 7 are sweeping around the web.

Apple regularly updates the iPhone and the new smartphone is expected to hit stores in the autumn.

Although a lot of speculation is on the web, Apple has yet to confirm or deny any of the details.

Gadgets like the iPhone are under continual review and development, so news Apple is working on a new model is not unexpected.

What are the leaks saying about iPhone 7

Well, the name is a working title as no one knows if Apple will call the device iPhone 7 or not.

Apple’s release program saw three iPhones at different sizes ranging from four inches to 5.5 inches last year.

The leaks suggest an iPhone and iPhone Plus to replace the 6S and 6S Plus. A new 7 Pro is likely to top the range.

This information comes from web site Mobipicker. The people there claim to have a source inside Apple who has outlined Apple’s release timetable to them exclusively.

The name of the new model is still not certain, says the site, and the 7 Pro may be called the 7 Plus Premium.

Focus on improved camera

A lot of the new features are said to focus on the iPhone camera. Apple snapped up two imaging firms – one developing dual lens cameras and the other optical zooms.

A number of CAD and photographic images purporting to be new iPhones are circulating online which appear to show a dual lens camera.

Again, Apple has said nothing and no one knows if the sources have mocked up iPhones to gain some notoriety or whether the images are the real thing.

At this stage of the release cycle, a company like Apple is likely to have several pre-production designs floating around labs.

Other speculation suggests the next iPhone maybe waterproof, with a slightly thinner case and a more streamlined body.

The only facts anyone knows for sure about the iPhone 7 is Apple will be delivering a new model by the end of the year and no journalists have seen or touched one. All the rumours are based on viewing CAD designs or images from what are regarded as unreliable sources at this time.

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