Public Opinion In Different Countries Can Be Worlds Apart

Governments and public opinion can be worlds apart in the way the view the same topics.

Donald Trump’s USA and ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia are good examples.

Sometimes it seems the rest of the world has united against The States as Trump tries to stop what he considers undesirables from entering the country.

The outcry over his wall between Mexico and the US has led to protests and civil unrest throughout America.

The plan is to build a 2,000-mile wall mainly along the Rio Grande river between the two nations to halt a flood of illegal immigration.

Alongside the wall, Trump has ordered the police to arrest illegals and to house them in detention centres before shipping them home. So far, around 40,000 people have been detained.

Trump unfairly criticised?

Add to that Trump’s ban on travellers entering the country from a clutch of mainly Islamic nations, and the clamour of protest has spread around the world.

In Saudi Arabia, the country has an amnesty for illegal immigrants. The government reckons around 1 million are in the country and so far, 570,000 have volunteered to leave.

The action has provoked little in the way of complaints or protests and several thousand have returned with new visas.

In both cases, the migrants claim all they wanted to do was stay in their country of choice for a better standard of living.

So, the Saudi measure has netted far more people than Trump’s, but although the world is protesting about how the Us government handles illegal immigration, hardly a murmur has been heard about Saudi.

Mini skirt girl arrested

Another incident has also raised some comments in the international press.

A harmless by Western standards video clip of a girl in a crop top and miniskirt walking through an historical site has led to her arrest in Saudi Arabia.

Yet her clothing is more than acceptable anywhere in the States and would pass without comment in most Western countries.

In Saudi Arabia, social media has buzzed with criticism of her disrespect to her religion.

Agreed, if you live in or visit a country you should accept and abide by the local cultural values and traditions, but it seems a little hypocritical for the Western media to pick on Trump’s immigration policy and to ignore similar policies in other nations.

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