Prime Minister David Cameron Backed by EU Chief

On Friday members of the EU met for the two-day EU Council meeting and a hot topic of discussion, courtesy of PM Cameron, was the amount of ‘red tape’ hindering many businesses from prospering.

Mr. Cameron proactively arranged meetings with a number of country leaders in attempt to remove numerous regulations against businesses within the European Union. Germany and the Netherlands have the same stance on the matter and co-chaired these meetings with countries such as Poland, Sweden, Italy and Estonia.

Many estimate that the Prime Minister would like to see at least 1,500 ‘useless’ laws scratched adding that, “Useless laws weaken necessary laws, that is why we must slash the red tape.”

He explained that removing bureaucratic difficulties would not mean lowering standards for customer or environmental protection it would simply allow businesses to function more efficiently.

However the executive wing of the European Council, called the European Commission, has stated they have eradicated almost 6,000 regulations in less than 10 years.

Over 50 business leaders within the UK have written and signed a letter to the government indicating that they feel this matter should be a high priority. They also accompanied the Prime Minister to Belgium to support their case.

The chief of the EU Comission, Jose Manuel Barroso, has agreed that this is an important matter and will be dealt with. He added that strategies would be implemented to ensure a smoother operational process for businesses across the EU who are unduly suffering due to these regulations.

He also committed to limiting the number of new regulations that come out of the European Commission and only necessary actions will be approved.

He added, “The Commission has done an excellent job in lifting the burden of bureaucracy. Now I want to get business engaged.” He also hopes that increasing the speed of deregulation will allow business to compete and in turn improve the health of relevant economies.

The Commission’s president, iterated that multiple sets of rules can only be detrimental to the health of businesses and if the European Market is to flourish and the new age of digital businesses is to grow then a single set of rules should be in place.

Analysts speculate that this may be done in order to prevent the UK from exiting the EU as the Prime Minister has made an obligation to discuss this matter if his Party is re-elected.

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