Philanthropist Prince Charles Will Donate His Pension to Charity

By the end of last week the Duchy of Cornwall turned 65 and joined the ranks of many others as a pensioner.

As the Prince was a tax-paying member of the Royal Navy for a brief period in his life, he is eligible to collect the state pension and has already filled out the necessary paper work to do so.

However, the Prince will not be keeping it for himself, he will be donating his weekly £110 and donating it to charity.

The Duchy of Cornwall made a staggering £19 million from his Cornwall estate this past year, so it is clear, that this money is not a necessity to him and in line with the philanthropic name he has made for himself, is happy to give it to those in need.

The charity in question has not been identified by Clarence House yet, but it has been indicated that his contribution will go towards the elderly.

As the future King hits the retirement age, he will celebrate by attending a gathering at the British High Commissioner’s home in the city. He is off to work the next morning attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

This is the first time Prince Charles has taken this responsibility off of his mother’s plate and it has been noted that his responsibility in all royal capacities have been increasing as of late.

He has also taken to writing in honor of his birthday week and was the guest editor for an issue of Country Life magazine where he explains the importance the country side has to him.

He also discussed more pressing concerns regarding the grim outlook that many farmers are facing due to the increasing competition stemming from large supermarket brands.

He explained in the piece, “It cannot be right that a typical hill farmer earns just £12,600, with some surviving on as little as £8,000 a year, whilst the big retailers and their shareholders do so much better out of the deal, having taken none of the risk.”

As heir to one of the world’s grandest thrones, the Prince has prepared himself for his role as future king since he was a child. The Duchy is currently the oldest heir to the throne in the history of the Kingdom and it would seem that rather than replacing the Queen, he will begin working alongside her in a co-regent capacity.

However, before this began to happen, the Prince spent most of his youth building a name for himself as a successful interpreter and a generous philanthropist.

He has founded a number of NGO’s and has propelled media attention towards important causes throughout his years, and it would seem the Prince has no intention of slowing down on any of these fronts.