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Brits Worried The Euro Is Ready To Implode


Just when investors thought the Euro crisis was over comes research showing that financially-savvy Brits say they are concerned about the collapse of the currency and what it means for them. The study by wealth advisors Towry revealed that 13% of Brits have Euro collapse fears, particularly now France is back in recession and the … Read more

No Low Risk Options For Investors Except Cash

Investors need to rethink how they define their attitude to risk, as one investment expert doubts they can find low-risk options in the current economic climate. Ben Yearsley, head of research at self-service trading firm Charles Stanley Direct, believes that other than cash, all investments now carry a higher degree of risk. He says that … Read more

Britain Grows Poorer While Expats Surge Ahead

Britain’s Open Invitation To The Most Talented Expats

Official wealth statistics paint a miserable picture of falling incomes and living standards in Britain while those in many popular expat destinations are doing much better. The report from the UK Office of National Statistics reveals that Britain dropped from fifth place in 2005 in a league table of household income to twelfth place just … Read more

Back To The Future When Seeking The Best Investments

the future

Investors looking for profits face a bewildering array of investment opportunities to build a portfolio but making a decision about where to put that hard-earned cash is not always easy. Research from the London Business School has looked at what makes the perfect portfolio and, looking at past performances, how those assets are likely to … Read more

FATCA Spells End Of Banking Secrecy

Lawyers are predicting the end of banking secrecy around the world as increasing numbers of countries bring in legislation to satisfy voters angry at claims of companies and the wealthy dodging billions in tax. The moves are being led by the US with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) which forces financial institutions in … Read more

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Savers In Denial About The Cost Of Retirement

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The huge number of workers in denial about their retirement savings is laid bare in a new survey. Research by The Equity Release Council (ERC) has revealed that 65% of British retirement savers are ‘unaware, unwilling or unable’ to face up to the financial challenge they face. Indeed, one in 10 people believes they won’t … Read more

Youngsters Give Up Saving In Hope Of Cash Inheritance

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Many young Brits are not saving for their retirement because they believe they will inherit money from their parents- but many are in for a big disappointment, according to a new survey. Skipton Building Society found that 75% of people aged between 20 and 35 are hoping to get a nest egg when their parents … Read more

Luxury Home Prices In Europe And Japan Plummet

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The prices of luxury homes dropped in the first three months of 2013 despite the global economy picking up. On average, the cost of plush homes fell 0.4% worldwide – with European cities in the throes of economic turmoil performing worst with an average 2.3% decrease. European cities performed so badly that they sit in … Read more

FX Futures Can Safeguard Wealth For Expats

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As currencies fluctuate in value almost hourly, expats would be forgiven for worrying about the impact the volatile markets are having on their cash – especially if they are in retirement and living on limited savings. Now, one expert says that with some planning, expats can safeguard themselves from currency movements – a big help … Read more

Money May Not Buy Love, But Does Make You Happier

The popular belief that money doesn’t make you happy is not true, says new research which revealed that the richer the person, the happier they are. The findings were published by Brookings Institution, a US-based independent research organisation, and set straight popular misconceptions surrounding wealth and satisfaction. For many years people have believed in the … Read more