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Vicky Dixon


My commitment is ensuring the latest developments across the financial world reach our readership

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Patricia Smith

Writer & Researcher

Finance commentator for 18 years and have an MBA from the London School of Economics

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Martin Hughes

Writer & Researcher

Over 15 years experience writing about the world’s most dynamic business centres

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David Vaughan

Writer & Researcher

I look at the Asian, US and European markets too and provide analysis and thought on developments as they happen.

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Kevin Barnett

Writer & Researcher

Featured in publications such as Financial Planning, Risk Magazine, Financial Times and International Business Times.

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Rob Dawson

Writer & Researcher

A former accountant, I have previously written blog pieces and articles for a variety of industry publications.

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Ryan Holder

Writer & Researcher

I look at the tech industry and the investment opportunities across the sector. The growth in particular of UK tech is my focus.

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Sophie Schille

Writer & Researcher

I cover entrepreneurs and people who create and forge their own living from creating an idea and seeing it through to implementation.

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Steven Wilson

Writer & Researcher

I’m a senior writer of a well-known tax publication, and I also contribute regularly to tax blogs for a host of industry-specific websites

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