Older Workers Carry On In Jobs That Damage Their Health

Health issues are haunting the over 50s with many carrying on working in a job that is damaging their wellbeing.

Poor health is expected to lead to the retirement for 4 million workers over 50, with more than a third with concerns that their job is detrimental to their health and wellbeing.

Half feel their employers are not supporting their wellbeing, but 37% admit they prioritise work over wellbeing and 27% do not share their health issues with their bosses.

Many are staying at work despite their health because they cannot afford to retire.

Concerns for older workers

The top five issues putting a strain on health were revealed by the over 50s as:

  • Money issues – 35%
  • Pre-existing medical conditions – 24%
  • Pressure at work – 21%
  • Family concerns – 19%
  • Poor diet -12%

A fifth of workers are disappointed that their employers do not offer them better support, calling for workshops and more information about looking after their health and wellbeing in later life.

The research, by financial firm Aviva, also disclosed many workers carry on in jobs that are damaging their health.

The over 50s say their top health challenges are:

  • Weight and diet – 24%
  • Physical fitness – 18%
  • Mental wellbeing – 11%
  • Preventing the onset of poor health – 11%
  • Managing existing health issues – 9%
  • Smoking or drinking too much – 5%

Another 19% told the study that they did not have any health challenges.

Midlife MoT

Lindsey Rix, managing director, savings and retirement at Aviva said: “In our busy lives it is easy to neglect our wellbeing, but workers must put aside time to focus on their physical and mental health, ensuring this remains a top priority.

“As well as offering practical support, employers must ensure positive messages are communicated in the workplace. This will help staff to understand the importance of looking after themselves and create an open and trusting atmosphere where employees feel comfortable discussing any health problems.”

Rix also explained employers should help their older staff more and a mid-life MoT detailing health and well being choices could be one option businesses could introduce to counter early retirement and the loss of skills.

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