No Deal Brexit Scares As UK Readies For Worst Scenario

Scare stories are abounding about what could happen to the UK if politicians fail to hammer out a Brexit deal before the March 2019 deadline.

As Brexit Day fast approaches, the British government has published a series of documents outlining what may happen to the economy if no agreement is reached.

The concerns range from expat pensioners not having access to money in the bank to shortages of food and medicines.

But Brexit secretary Dominic Raab explained that a prudent government must plan for the worst-case scenario and he is confident a satisfactory agreement will come soon.

The possibility of the UK economy grinding to a halt as lorries are stuck at borders, air traffic control grounds aircraft and shops rationing day-to-day food and supplies is daunting.

Deal within sights

“I am confident that a good deal is within our sights,” Raab said in a speech to launch the publications.

“That remains our top priority. I am still confident that getting a good deal is, by far, the most likely outcome.

“The majority, roughly 80%, of the Withdrawal Agreement has now been agreed, and we are making further progress on those outstanding separation issues.

“Of course those settled issues include our agreement on citizens’ rights, so that 3.5 million EU citizens living in the UK and the million Brits living in the EU have their rights assured, and can carry on living as they do now.”

Get ready warning

Without giving the details, Raab also signalled Britain has agreed a financial settlement with the EU, subject to approval and the terms of an implementation period.

“At the same time, we have to consider the alternative possibility, that the EU does not match our ambition and pragmatism, and we do not reach a deal,” said Raab.

“Let me be clear about this. This is not what we want and it’s not what we expect, but, we must be ready.

“We have a duty, as a responsible government, to plan for every eventuality.”

Raab went on to explain that the 25 technical notices were intended to help government, businesses and individuals prepare for a no deal Brexit.

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