Why Speaking German Is Just The Job For Expats


The recent European Day of Languages probably passed most expats by without too much of a worry.

But for job seekers, speaking a second language is a useful skill to have.

Not all second languages are a benefit, though, as a new survey by jobs portal Adzuna reveals.

Some languages listed on a CV encourage bosses to pay a premium, but others are not so worthwhile.

So if you want to brush up on your language skills, here is some guidance on those most demanded and best paid by employers.


Polish surprise package

Surprisingly, German tops the list as the most demanded language – and the one that offers the best salary premium to fluent speakers.

The portal has close to 7,000 vacancies for German speakers and the average salary for someone speaking the language comes in at £34,534.

An even bigger shock is the second most spoken language in Britain is not a Commonwealth language, but Polish.

The tongue is also in demand with employers who need managers and workers who can communicate in Polish.

More than 1,500 jobs are available for Polish speakers with an average salary of £26,456.

Good news for the Welsh

This is good news for Welsh speakers, who are holding on to 10th place as the best average paid language (£27,857), but unfortunately with a low demand from employers.

The other top most in demand languages are all European – French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

Job demand is brisk – ranging from 1,800 vacancies for Dutch speakers and 6,150 for French speakers.

Outside Europe, the languages sought by employers are Mandarin and Arabic, while Japanese and Russian are less popular but still well-paid skills.

Even the regional language of Gaelic makes a show – with 120 jobs looking mainly for teachers in Scotland who can speak the ancient tongue.

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Highest Paid Languages

Language Average Salary
German £34,534
Arabic £34,122
French £32,646
Dutch £29,423
Spanish £29,262
Japanese £28,954
Russian £28,858
Italian £28,723
Mandarin £28,268
Welsh £27,857


Languages Most In Demand

Language Vacancies
German 6,800
French 6,149
Spanish 3,106
Italian 2,460
Dutch 1,865
Polish 1,575
Mandarin 1,246
Russian 1,237
Swedish 1,118
Arabic 1,113


Source: Adzuna

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