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Census Shows Fifth Of All Canadians Are Expats

Census Shows Fifth Of All Canadians Are Expats

One in five Canadians are expats – which is the largest proportion of the nation’s population for more than a century, according to a new census report. Most of them are younger than the average Canadian-born citizen, live in the larger cities and come from Asia, though growing numbers of Africans are arriving. Around 6.8 … Read more

Markets Fear Interest Rate Rise Sooner Than Expected

Money markets are reacting to hints from the Fed and Bank of England that record low interest rates may start climbing earlier than expected. Financial data has suggested rates were unlikely to change before the end of 2015, but the central banks may have other plans in mind. The fuse was lit by Ben Bernanke, … Read more

Devil’s In The Detail For Start-Up Business Angels

Entrepreneurs turning to business angels will find the devil is in the detail of their pitch if they want seasoned investors to offer them some cash. Just like race goers, business investors back people not horses – which means if they like the management and think they can work with them to bring a business … Read more

Dynamic Travel Does Away With Delays And Queues

Globe-trotting expats can expect the way they travel to change as technology and data merge to provide new ways for transport to connect. Research suggests that travel, transport and IT organisations will join forces to offer a seamless, single ticket travel experience across road, rail and air with real-time information about times and delays flashing … Read more

Spanish Hospitals Force Brits To Pay For Free Treatment

hospital bill

Spanish hospitals are refusing to accept the European health insurance card (EHIC) carried by British expats and holidaymakers, forcing the European Commission to step in and investigate. British insurance firms have lodged complaints since increasing numbers of Brits have been told by hospitals that they must pay for their treatment and claim the cost back … Read more

Britain Grows Poorer While Expats Surge Ahead

Britain’s Open Invitation To The Most Talented Expats

Official wealth statistics paint a miserable picture of falling incomes and living standards in Britain while those in many popular expat destinations are doing much better. The report from the UK Office of National Statistics reveals that Britain dropped from fifth place in 2005 in a league table of household income to twelfth place just … Read more

Money May Not Buy Love, But Does Make You Happier

The popular belief that money doesn’t make you happy is not true, says new research which revealed that the richer the person, the happier they are. The findings were published by Brookings Institution, a US-based independent research organisation, and set straight popular misconceptions surrounding wealth and satisfaction. For many years people have believed in the … Read more

New Global Middle Class Will Swell By 3 Billion

Asia Map

The economies of the Asia Pacific are booming so quickly that within 15 years more than two thirds of the world’s middle class will live in the region, according to new research. In contrast, Europe’s proportion of the global middle class population will drop by 14%. The figures are revealed in a report called ‘Hitting … Read more

The Most Popular Country To Live And Work Is?

airplane photo

Expats have voted for their favourite destinations in a new global survey – and the US is the firm favourite while China languishes near the bottom. America topped two surveys out in the same week with the first, by pollsters Gallup, asking people around the world where they would love to live if given the … Read more