Nigel Green, CEO of the deVere Group

Nigel Green Devere Group

When it comes to success, Nigel Green of the deVere Group has had his fair share. With numerous accolades and triumphs coming along the way, Green has taken his company from its humble beginnings in 2002, to the world’s leading independent financial consultancy group, with more than 60 offices across the globe and nearly 90,000 clients, with more than $10 billion in investment capital under management.

It was just 13 years ago when Green saw the opportunity represented by being able to offer a holistic and transparent approach to financial advice internationally. As more Brits were enticed into embarking upon a career overseas rather than remaining in a stagnant UK job market and economy, it became necessary for a credible, trustworthy and knowledgeable financial consultancy to enter the fray in order to guide these expats.

Making a vision a reality

Nigel Green had the vision and the impetus to see his ambition become reality, and he now presides over a consultancy that offers its clients a comprehensive range of financial planning solutions and investments that out-perform the market, both of which help their reputation to grow across the world.

For the CEO himself, there have been a number of personal accolades for his drive, enthusiasm and extensive financial knowledge, and yet he has never allowed recognition, success and acknowledgment to slow him down or make him complacent. Green is busier than ever, splitting his time between some of the destinations in which deVere have substantial operations, such as the UAE, London, South Africa and New York.

He drives his business single handedly, never compromising on the quality of service, and implementing his own methodology on the deVere dynamic to ensure uniform standards are in place no matter where in the world the client is based.

As well as this, the major media outlets often seek Green’s views out whenever a major financial sector story breaks. He has made his opinions known on the controversial FATCA legislation in the US, as well as his views on China and the future role they may have to play in personal and commercial finance, should an economic collapse be on the horizon. To say he is kept quite busy would be to massively understate.

Advice for a generation

But while he is not short of advice or opinions on every area of finance, are enough people taking heed of what it is he is saying? Green, when considering the lax attitude to saving of the “Millennial Generation”, was recently quoted as saying: “Although the ‘live for the moment’ attitude is not without its perks, ‘tomorrow’ will eventually present itself, therefore people must prepare for their retirement as early in their working lives as possible, to maintain or exceed their lifestyle ambitions as they get older.

“The time to act is now, as the longer individuals delay their retirement plans, the more difficult it will be.”


As a financial guru and the leader of such an innovative financial institution, Nigel Green has always received individual recognition and awards for his work within the finance industry. This year Green has already picked up the “Ops Business Person of the Year” award at the FTF Awards – related to his FATCA campaigning on behalf of thousands of American expatriates, and in the UAE, where deVere takes up such a dominant position, Green was the recipient of the “UAE- Gamechanger of the Year Award” in the financial consultancy section.

Nigel Green has spared no personal effort in establishing his company as a credible, customercentric consultancy. His initial reasoning for the establishment of deVere was that the growing number of British and foreign expats taking up residence all over the world have a right to the very best financial consultation and planning services specific to their destination. That still remains the case today, and has actually become even more important, as the appeal of exotic destinations with more generous salaries and tax regimes continues to offer all the encouragement needed to make the big move overseas.


  1. We have been clients of the deVere group since 2007, and are very, very happy we made the switch. The professionalism and knowledge of his employees is top-notch.

  2. We moved from the London to the US a few months back and the ease of transitioning our pensions was great. Our advisers were well-informed and very helpful. Highly recommend

  3. DeVere Group has increased my portfolio by over 29% in the last year….this is a company that has obviously trained their employees well and keep the training going. Nigel Green is a financial guru, and he obviously hires only the best.

  4. I went to them with no idea whatsoever how to start my portfolio. They were (are) very helpful throughout the whole process and I am happy to say after being with this group for 5 years, I could (if I wanted to) retire a lot earlier than expected….which I won’t do though. The constant contact and consideration they give their clients is the best!

  5. As my wife is from Thailand and her family still lives there, we invested with deVere in Bangkok and got great returns on our investments.

  6. Yes, there will be those few employees who give a bad rap to a company, but overall, this is a company that I’ve trusted with my money for many, many years.

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