Don’t Rely On Banks In Greece, Warn Travel Firms


Expats and tourists worried about access to banks and cash machines in Greece should take extra euros to the country, according to travel experts.

Although the limit on ATM cash withdrawals of £80 does not apply to expats and visitors holding foreign bank cards, the Association of British Travel Agents warns that many cash machines are running low on money.

ABTA says the bank closure across Greece is not affecting business as shops, cafes and restaurants will accept debit and credit card payments as normal.

“The bank closure ban seemingly has little affect in the country, but some ATMS in the most remote areas are low on cash,” said an ABTA spokesman.

“We advise anyone entering the country to take enough euros to cover their spending and to make sure the money is kept in a safe to guard against theft.

“We don’t believe any disruption to trips will occur despite the referendum on July 5 and the uncertain outcome for the Greek economy.”

Trucker ferry port blockade

Industrial action by French truckers protesting against redundancies has failed to shut the ferry port at Calais or the Eurotunnel.

Drivers have blockaded the entrance to Calais and set fire to tyres on the rail approach to Eurotunnel in a bid to stop trains and ferries crossing the Channel to the UK.

In England, thousands of lorries are held in queues on the M20 between London and Dover.

However, Eurotunnel reports services are running as normal.

Holiday resort terror attack

British diplomats are expecting further terrorist attacks in Tunisia and have warned that tourists should be vigilant.

In the holidaymaker shootings at the resort of Sousse, 30 Britons were killed out of 38 killings.

The gunman died in the attack and other arrest have been made, but the British Embassy in Tunisia is concerned terror gangs have plans for further outrages.

“The authorities know who many of these people are, but it’s difficult to monitor them all,” said a spokesman. “The attacks seem to be linked to social media commands from outside the country.”

The embassy suggests visitors should contact airlines and tour operators to find out the latest travel updates.

Many are offering refunds or alternative bookings to other countries.

“Around 10,000 British visitors are in Tunisia at the moment and we are working to help them get home,” said an ABTA spokesman.

“Anyone with a trip booked to the country should contact their travel provider to discuss their arrangements.”

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