8 Tips To Take The Stress Out Of Flying


Crowded airports, late flights and long journey times are the downside of travelling for many expats.

However, some fellow sufferers have come up with some products, hints and tips that can make flying a little easier.

NexStep is an ingenious idea that solves the problem of running out of seats in departure lounges, bus terminals and just about anywhere else where travellers have to wait sometimes long hours with nowhere to sit.

The invention is simply a suitcase on wheels where the handle detaches and becomes a fold out seat.

Watch the video and kick yourself for wondering why no one came up with such a simple idea before.

Happy landings

Other tips for a more comfortable flight include:

  • Tipping the flight attendant at the start of the trip rather than the end – they are more likely to give you better service and freebies.
  • If departure is very late or cancelled, don’t join the queue of passengers moaning at the airline desk, instead call their booking service and see if you can rearrange your flight through them. The booking office generally has more up-to-date information and flight options than the airline desk which often gets directions from them.
  • If you fed up with paying over the odds for water after going through customs and passport control, take an empty plastic bottle with you and fill up from a drinking fountain once you are airside.
  • The horrible truth is aircraft cleaners spread germs by wiping down all the fold-out trays with the same cloth. Take a small spray cleaner and wipe your tray yourself as many flight attendants see dirty nappies and other less than hygienic items lying where your food is placed
  • A little-known airport wi-fi hack is adding ‘?.jpg’ to the end of the web site URL you want to access. Reportedly, doing this bypasses wi-fi login pages and payment barricades in many airport lounges
  • Don’t pay excess baggage charges – go to an airport shop and ask for a carrier bag and switch some of the stuff from your suitcase to the bag and carry it on as hand luggage for free

Cheaper tickets

If you are trying to cut the cost of air travel, a graphic on social media site Pinterest has some interesting facts for travellers with a flexible timetable.

The research shows when air tickets are likely to be cheapest and which the most expensive days to fly are.

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