The Most Popular Country To Live And Work Is?

Expats have voted for their favourite destinations in a new global survey – and the US is the firm favourite while China languishes near the bottom.

America topped two surveys out in the same week with the first, by pollsters Gallup, asking people around the world where they would love to live if given the opportunity.

The survey found that 13% of adults in the world – that’s 640 million people – would leave their country permanently.

Of those, 150 million people would move to America to make it the most desired destination worldwide.

The next most popular destinations for people who would leave their country of birth are the UK (45 million), Canada (42 million) and France (32 million).

No comparison

After those, Saudi Arabia is the next most popular country followed by Germany and Australia.

When asked, people in Pakistan said they wanted to live in Saudi Arabia and the UK while Iranians opted for Lebanon or Jordan.

However, when the figures were broken down by country for those who wanted to migrate to the States – China is first in line with 22 million adults wanting to make the move.

Nigeria is in second place with 15 million wanting to move and India is third with 10 million.

The survey shows that there are 3 million Brits who would be happy to live in the US permanently.

A spokesman for Gallup said: “When looking for somewhere desirable to live and work,  nowhere else compares with the States.”

The reasons for migrating permanently to another country include finding better opportunities, the ability to express their views and to live somewhere where children are treated with respect.

Failed postings

In another survey, expats revealed their worst and best destinations for careers.

The US topped the chart as being the most desirable while China is the least appealing.

To underline that position, the survey also revealed that around a third of workers posted to China fail to complete their postings.

Respondents pointed to pollution, huge cultural differences, language and a lack of family facilities as reasons for not succeeding in the country.

They also say that healthcare in China is unreliable and isolation from friends and family is a big concern and even though the postings for work in China are often for shorter spells than usual, staff still fail to complete their time.

The survey, by insurance firm Aviva, says that the quality of life in China and issues over integration are a serious matter for married workers as there is little in what could be termed ‘comfort zones’.

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