Malaysia Offers Golden Visas To Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can win a golden visa for Malaysia in a bid to boost the country’s business and trade.

The government is targetting entrepreneurs, finance executives and wealthy business angels with the new measure.

Successful applicants will receive a five-year multi-entry visa from December 2014.

The aim is to ease relationships between Malaysian companies and their overseas partners by cutting red tape for approved investors, entrepreneurs and skilled workers.

The Malaysian Expatriate Services Division of the Immigration Department is already inviting applications.

The country likely to gain the most is Australia; one of Malaysia’s top trading partners. Other countries likely to benefit include China and India.

Australia was Malaysia’s ninth largest trading partner, with £11 billion of goods and services flowing between each nation – up nearly 15% over three years.

Child travel restrictions

New visa rules for expats travelling to and from South Africa with children have been changed at the last minute.

The Home Affairs Department only introduced the rules in recent weeks, but has decided to alter some of the requirements on travellers.

The need to produce an abridged birth certificate for any child under 18 is suspended until June 2014, along with a requirement to have written permission from the other parent if one parent was travelling alone with the child.

However, travellers must still apply in person for child visas.

Many critics accused the government of making visa rules too strict for children.

The new rules call for a solo parent travelling with a child to have an affidavit from the other parent giving consent to the trip, a court order giving permission for the child to leave the country or a copy of a death certificate of the other parent.

The Ukraine’s bonds with the European Union are strengthening in advance of an association agreement designed as the first step into welcoming the strife-torn country into the EU.

From December 2014, Ukraine travellers will have access to the 26 nation Schengen Zone and from May 2015, visa-free travel in the EU.

The step is taking longer to implement than first thought as Ukraine lacks equipment for processing biometric data for travellers.

India eases visas for US visitors

India is set to offer US travellers 30-day visa on arrival to encourage more business visitors and tourists to go to the country.

The offer is already available to visitors from Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Finland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia and South Korea.

Around a million US visitors travel to India each year.

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