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No Low Risk Options For Investors Except Cash

Investors need to rethink how they define their attitude to risk, as one investment expert doubts they can find low-risk options in the current economic climate. Ben Yearsley, head of research at self-service trading firm Charles Stanley Direct, believes that other than cash, all investments now carry a higher degree of risk. He says that … Read more

Back To The Future When Seeking The Best Investments

the future

Investors looking for profits face a bewildering array of investment opportunities to build a portfolio but making a decision about where to put that hard-earned cash is not always easy. Research from the London Business School has looked at what makes the perfect portfolio and, looking at past performances, how those assets are likely to … Read more

Luxury Home Prices In Europe And Japan Plummet

Home for sale

The prices of luxury homes dropped in the first three months of 2013 despite the global economy picking up. On average, the cost of plush homes fell 0.4% worldwide – with European cities in the throes of economic turmoil performing worst with an average 2.3% decrease. European cities performed so badly that they sit in … Read more

Analysts Expect A European ETP Bonanza

Buy and Sell Photo

The future of exchange traded products (ETP) in Europe is set to double after a ‘wild ride’, says one shares expert. Mark Wiedman, the global head of iShares, which is part of asset management firm BlackRock’s ETP platform, says the sector will grow to more than £580 billion by the end of 2017. Growth will … Read more

Deep Discounts For Spanish Property Buyers

Spain Flag

Property investors are exploiting the dire state of Spain’s property market by demanding hefty discounts on asking prices. According to one Spanish property website,, the gap between what a vendor asks and the buying price is widening and has now reached an average of £36,000. People looking at selling property must also contend with … Read more

Core business generates £100m cash pile for Apple

Apple Logo Photo

iPhone maker Apple is handing back £39 billion to shareholders via a share buyback scheme. The massive hand out shouldn’t hurt the company too much since it has around £94 billion in cash stashed in the bank. The company is also aiming to raise dividends by 15%. There’s been an increasingly vocal campaign from shareholders … Read more