Ice Bucket Challenge With A Twist For Expats

The Ice Bucket Challenge that has raised millions of pounds for charity has gone global – with some new twists for expats.

The challenge is aimed at raising awareness for motor neurone disease charities, but the craze has swept around the world with challengers settling some scores with adversaries.

Taking part is simple – someone else who has taken the challenge nominates you to have a bucket of ice cold water poured over your head.

If you do not take the challenge within 24 hours – and have someone to witness your participation – you must make a donation to a motor neurone disease charity.

Expats are queuing up to take part, but not always in the way expected.

Oil and rice challenges

One Belgian expat living in Spain persuaded a pilot to drop 1,500 litres of water on him from a fire-fighting aircraft without realising the weight that was going to fall on him.

Luckily the 51-year-old suffered only minor injuries and despite some time in hospital is recovering well.

In the Middle East, where water is scarce, expats are choosing to give money to charity rather than waste a precious commodity.

In India, people are taking a rice bucket challenge because of a shortage of clean, potable water.

In Wales, a garage mechanic opted to have 30 litres of used engine oil poured over his head by colleagues to raise money for a cancer charity following the recent death of his mother.

Many celebrities are tipping buckets of ice over their heads – from politicians, film and sports stars to TV celebrities.

Swearing toddler

However, the US security services have banned President Barak Obama from taking part in case he is injured, even though the president expressed a desire to support the charity.

Among the latest celebrities to undergo the challenge are Hollywood star Matt Damon, singer Justin Timberlake, country singer Dolly Parton and Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl.

Even cartoon antihero Homer Simpson has jumped to the challenge in a special clip of the show.

One of the most shocking – and hilarious – ice bucket challenge videos on line came from grandmother Carla Davis-Ball, 40, who dunked her granddaughter, Scarlett-Rose, three, in water.

“I could have died when she came out with a tirade of four-letter words in shock at what happened,” said Carla. “We’re all so embarrassed and the video has had hundreds of thousands of views.”