Greek Bail-Out Crowdfund Plea Crashes Platform

A crowdfunding campaign to help the financially stricken Greek government pay a £1.13 billion bail out has so far raised more than £715,000 from nearly 60,000 investors.

The plea for cash was launched on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo by Tom Feeney, 29, who lives in London.

He argues that Greece stands a better chance of economic revival by calling on individuals rather than relying on the politics of the Eurozone ministers.

His statement seems to have struck a nerve with crowdfunders who have flooded the site, causing servers to crash at one point.

“More than 500 million people live in the Eurozone,” said Feeney.

“If everyone donated a few pounds, the money could be easily raised and solve Greece’s massive economic problems. For the cost of a pint of beer, everyone in the Eurozone could show ministers what they really think about their economic policies.”

Free time projects

Media and electronics giant Sony is setting up First Flight, a crowdfunding platform for the company’s employees who need to raise cash to develop their own ideas.

So far, the site has three projects available in Japan, but not to a wider audience.

They include the FES e-link watch, a MESH smart DIY kit that links sensors in electric appliances to an iPad app for control and the HUIS smart controller that automatically changes keypad layouts according to the appliance the user wants to control.

Sony is following the lead of other technology giants, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google, who all offer free time for employees to develop their own projects.

Wrecked Ferrari

German driver Jonas Frey has turned to crowdfunding to raise £150,000 for repairs to his wrecked Ferrari supercar.

Frey collided with a wall on the famous Nurburgring racing circuit in his new Ferrari 458 Speciale.

In return for cash, Frey is offering donors the chance to stick a picture of their choosing on the car.

If 50,000 sponsors respond to his funding plea, Frey is offering a day behind the wheel of the Ferrari or a £5,000 hire car voucher for anyone living outside of Europe.

Crystal Maze live show

The Crystal Maze has raised £500,000 from crowdfunding to mount a spectacular live stage show version of the popular TV programme.

Almost 5,000 fans have donated cash, with £5 offering a place on the show’s wall of fame and £20 a T-shirt. The show will go live in London later this year.

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