English Is The Language Of Love, Say Daters

English expats have a head start in dating as their accent has been voted the most attractive in the world in a dating survey spanning 24 countries.

The English accent was rated ‘hot’ by 27% of men and women taking the Time Out Global Dating Survey.

The competition was way behind – the top 10 accents are:

  • American (8.7%)
  • Irish (8.1%)
  • Australian (8%)
  • French (7.7%)
  • Italian (6%)
  • Spanish (4.9%)
  • Scottish (4.7%)
  • Latin American (4.1%)
  • Scandinavian (3.3%)

The survey also looked in detail at dating worldwide and came up with some fascinating revelations, asking 11,000 people in 24 cities about their romantic experiences.

Dating goes digital

For example, those looking for love and romance gave a personal rating of an average 7.3 out of 10 as daters – but their partners only rated them a six.

First-time daters took just three minutes to decide if they wanted a second date.

The poll also revealed dating has gone digital, with 60% looking for the right person online – the exception was Paris, where the most popular way of hooking up was meeting at a special event or party (46%).

Another twist of going digital is more than half of daters check out their prospective partners online – and the most avid online detectives are in Paris (73%).

Daters who looked elsewhere for romance included 10% who went out with their boss; 20% dating a friend’s former partner and 17% going out with their best friend.

If you are a man in banking or finance and have an English accent, then you are the top target for daters, along with artists and creative people.

Dating etiquette

Women in America also favour anyone working in films or entertainment, while men have a preference for women in fashion or design.

The factors that lead to dates breaking down include bad breath, a bad attitude, poor politics and prospective partners who do not look like their online profile pictures.

The research also disclosed the questions everyone wants to know about dating.

  • 53% of first dates end in a kiss
  • 28% of first dates end in disappointment
  • 40% end with a second date booked

And those other questions…you should stop seeing other people after the sixth date and after the ninth you’re an item.

While the etiquette for intimacy is consider 3.5 dates, so now you know.

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