Editorial Process

It’s our job to simplify complicated lifestyle and financial information so that our readers can make informed decisions about every aspect of expat life.

We understand that the questions and answers will differ depending on the stage you have reached in your life journey.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of thousands of expats take control of their finances.

Our relationship with our readers depends on the trust they have in what we say.

That’s why we believe it’s important to share how we go about sourcing and writing the articles you rely on.

Editorial Principles

Our contributors and editors follow a set of principles when composing the articles you read.

  • Interesting and relevant – The first principle is straightforward. Any article must be engaging and hold relevance for our readers.
  • Unbiased – We have no editorial fear or favour and do not recommend holding, buying, or selling securities or investments. We will, however, point out trends and the pros and cons of taking certain investment decisions.
  • Accurate – We strive to check our facts against reputable and reliable sources, such as the Uk Office for National Statistics, government departments, research by financial firms and cost-of-living monitor Numbeo. External data is flagged by a ‘source’ tag, like Source: ONS after a table or graph.

Our Editorial Team

Every day, our editorial team sifts through an immense number of story pitches, tips and newsfeeds for content ideas.

Our experienced team of writers and contributors craft these ideas into the articles you read.

Before they reach your device, each article is painstakingly proofed and fact-checked by editors.

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Financial Advice

Our editors, writers and contributors are knowledgeable and experienced in their fields, but they are not qualified financial advisers.  Nothing on our site is meant to contradict or replace personal face-to-face advice from a lawyer, tax professional, IFA or any other financial professional and should not be treated as such.


Everyone makes the occasional mistake, and we don’t mind putting the facts straight when we need to. So, please tell us if you encounter something that may not seem right.


Our website does not rely on advertising, but in-article or page links may offer you the chance to speak to a financial professional. The offer is not mandatory or conditional, and you may use the site for free without clicking on any links or completing any forms.

If you should click a link or complete a form, we may receive a fee.