Is There A Difference Between Investing And Gambling?

If you want to inject a bit more fun and excitement into investing, staking some cash with an online casino could be the way to go for you – but study the market before taking the plunge.

To some people, investing and gambling are similar pastimes.

Both are based on past performance and studying the odds to some extent.

Fund managers would be horrified to think they were viewed as gamblers by their investors, but they really cannot read the future so place their cash on defensive bets to stem losses and riskier odds to make profits.

Both markets have similar rules of engagement for investors:

Choose your casino or fund manager wisely

Hundreds of online casinos are available, along with a similar number of fund managers.

Not all play by the same rules or have the same objectives as their customers, so choosing one with the right profile is important.

With a casino, check your personal data is protected, the casino is based in a well-regulated centre and the random number generator is tested by a reputable body and certified as fair.

With a fund manager, check how your personal data is handled overseas and that the manager and fund are regulated to give the advice you seek. Look for a compensation scheme and independent ombudsman to deal with complaints.

Check offer small print

How much is a minimum stake, how much does the casino or fund take from your profits, how and when are you paid. Fees and charges can soon take a hefty slice from your capital in a casino or investment fund.

Play the game your way

Casinos and investment funds have thousands of ways to play to suit every type of investor and bankroll size. Pick one you are comfortable with and ease yourself into the game in a way that does not burn your cash in one go.

Learn how to roll on the ropes

Don’t break the rules, but learn the strategies that are likely to bring success. Understand how the house or markets work.

The odds are stacked against you and the house will win whether you do or not.

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