Defence Firm Offers Share Incentive To Expats

Expats with contracts with BAe are buying shares in the company for the first time as the defence contractor offers a share scheme for international workers.

The company set up InSIP, a share incentive plan for expats in the summer of 2015.

Since then 6% of expat workers have bought shares in their employer.

Expats can buy the shares for a monthly outlay of £150 and must hold the shares for at 36 months.

To make sure expat and UK employees have on par benefits from the British share investment plan and the program for expats, the company keeps a strict eye on currency conversions and compares share values between the two schemes.

Modest growth

BAe has thousands of employees worldwide eligible for the scheme.

The company is mainly known for aerospace technology, but is expanding into missiles and warships.

The group has a £860 million contract for the British Royal Navy’s type 26 frigate and orders from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar for missiles and fighter planes.

BAe shares offer a variable yield of 4.4% and modest growth, although tensions in the Middle East, Russia and China are leading to governments reconsidering cuts to their defence budgets.

The value of shares might struggle as modern warfare is carried out online where laser guided missiles and tanks are no deterrent to opposing forces.

“The business performed well in the first half of 2015, while we managed expansion and looked strictly at our costs,” said chief executive Ian King.

Staff welcome scheme

“We are bringing on new skills and technology although less defence spending in some key markets is offering a challenge.”

One of those new sectors is providing in-flight controls for the commercial Boeing 777X airliner.

The company explained that one of the reasons for introducing the expat share scheme was to make sure that employees looking for overseas roles or a return to the UK could keep their benefits.

“Employees are telling us that they like the scheme and it is one of the benefits of working for BAe that they feel is important to keep wherever they work around the world,” said a spokesman for the firm.

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