Deafening Silence As MPs Vote For Brexit Delay

The quiet across Europe was deafening as British MPs voted to ask for a Brexit extension.

Normally white hot social media accounts peddling European Union propaganda fell silent.

The cut-throat antics at Westminster is shocking as MPs throw off the shackles of party political allegiance in a maelstrom of blood letting against rivals who talk down their views.

And after nearly three years since the Brexit referendum, the only firm fact is no one knows what will happen on March 29, when Britain leaves the EU.

Everyone hopes for a graceful launch as the good ship Britain slides down the slipway and sails off to new horizons.

But the chances are the country is just as likely to disgracefully leave by the backdoor after fighting and rowing up to the very last minute about choices that do not exist.

The big issue that is plainly obvious to everyone but MPs at Westminster is there is no consensus for an alternative to the withdrawal agreement negotiated by Theresa May.

MPs keep lining up to tell what they don’t want, but no one has a proposal that has received cross party backing that can be put to the EU.

So what are they arguing about?

Who knows, and frankly most people don’t seem to care.

And how many meaningful votes can there be and what do they mean?

The elected representatives seem to have forgotten that fact – the voters sent them to the House with a mandate to carry out their wishes, which they are failing to do.

Whatever the Brexit result, a great reckoning is forecast in the next general election against the politicians who have put themselves first and the people second.

What’s going to happen next?

Of course the EU will grant an extension and business will carry on much as now because each side is entrenched and no one supports a solution in the middle ground.

European leaders are probably wondering who speaks for the country. May seems to have lost control and no one seems to have picked up the torch.

And what about a second referendum?

Brexiteers are dead against it – and they would be, wouldn’t they? They know a second people’s vote would probably fall on the side of remain because voters are waking up to the reality that they have been lied to about the benefits of leaving Europe.

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