Who’s Winning The Digital V Hard Currency Battle In 2018?


The investment return on Bitcoin has outstripped the yield of three major currencies this year, according to new data.

Bitcoin was not the only cryptocurrency champion – EOS won over 11 currencies and VeChain performed better than five currencies when compared against the US dollar.

TRON, Ethereum Classic and Stellar also showed better returns than the Venezuela Bolivar and Sudanese Pound.

The figures come from tables published by Pension Partners, a New York investment consultancy.

Worst performing cryptocurrencies were Qtum, Bitcoin Gold and NEM.


Best and worst performers

All 22 cryptocurrencies lost value against the US dollar this year – and all gave a better yield than the Venezuelan Bolivar.

To compare a cryptocurrency return against a currency in the tables below, take the US dollar return of the cryptocurrency. If it’s lower than the currency dollar return, the crypto performed better than the currency, if higher, worse.

Currencies from the Russian Ruble down to the Jamaican Dollar all had a better return than any of the listed cryptocurrencies.

The values were calculated between January 1, 2018 and September 2, 2018.

Current Bitcoin trading sets the price at $6,413 – a fall of 46.33% since the opening value of $13,848 on January 1.

Cryptocurrency v US Dollar 2018

Cryptocurrency Return v US Dollar
Qtum -91.3%
Bitcoin Gold -90.6%
NEM -89.1%
ICON -84.8%
Cardano -84.7%
XRP -83.4%
IOTA -81.5%
Lisk -79.5%
Dash -78.8%
OmiseGO -77.1%
Bitcoin Cash -73.8%
NEO -72.1%
Litecoin -70.9%
zCash -69.7%
Monero -64.7%
Ethereum -61.3%
TRON -55.4%
Ethereum Classic -55.3%
Stellar -53.3%
Bitcoin -46.7%
VeChain -27.0%
EOS -15.7%

Source: Pension Partners

Note: For January 1 until September 2, 2018

World currencies v US Dollar

Currency Country Return v US Dollar
Bolivar Venezuela -99.9%
Pound Sudan -61.1%
Peso Argentina -50.5%
Lira Turkey -44.0%
Kwanza Angola -33.8%
Real Brazil -20.7%
Dollar Liberia -18.5%
Loti Basotho -15.8%
Dollar Namibia -15.8%
Lilangeni Swaziland -15.8%
Rand South Africa -15.8%
Ruble Russia -15.3%
Rial Iran -14.6%
Dinar Tunisia -10.9%
Kyat Myanmar -10.8%
Krona Sweden -10.3%
Rupee Pakistan -10.0%
Rupee Nepal -10.0%
Ngultrum Bhutan -10.0%
Rupee India -10.0%
Peso Uruguay -9.8%
Dollar Jamaica -9.3%

Source: Pension Partners

Note: For January 1 until September 2, 2018

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