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Poor Security Opens Iot Door For Cryptojackers

Poor security and the proliferation of devices on the internet of things has opened a new source of victims for cryptojackers. Improving technology means devices such as routers and TV sticks are targets for the crooks illicitly mining cryptocurrencies. Cryptojacking is fast taking over as the malware crime of choice, says the latest internet threat … Read more

Cryptocurrencies Have Lost $640 Billion In 2018

The cryptocurrency market has lost $640 billion after peaking in January – and the fall is led by the second largest digital coin, ether. Ether has plunged to a 12-month low of $172.48 from a high of $1,359.48 on January 13. The collapse started over the weekend when the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) … Read more

Who’s Winning The Digital V Hard Currency Battle In 2018?

The investment return on Bitcoin has outstripped the yield of three major currencies this year, according to new data. Bitcoin was not the only cryptocurrency champion – EOS won over 11 currencies and VeChain performed better than five currencies when compared against the US dollar. TRON, Ethereum Classic and Stellar also showed better returns than … Read more

Bitcoin Surge Spread Like An Infection, Claim Economists

The massive surge in the price of Bitcoin from $900 to nearly $20,000 last year was like the spread of an infectious disease, says an economist. The 900% increase in Bitcoin value was driven by buyers clamouring for a stake in the digital currency buoyed by the euphoria surrounding the event. Economists at Barclays Banksay … Read more

El Petro Cryptocurrency Figures Just Don’t Add Up

The numbers just don’t add up in the first state-backed cryptocurrency offering. Venezuela launched El Petro amid a blaze of publicity with President Nicolas Maduro claiming that the venture raised $5 billion for the cash-strapped economy that has seen inflation rage like a wild fire for the past five years. Mismanagement by the government and … Read more

Bitcoin Gravy Train Has Hit The Buffers

The cryptocurrency gravy chain that saw so many investors make huge profits from soaring investment values seems to have hit the buffers. All the major cryptocurrencies other than Ethereum are trading down and have a market value that is at least a huge 50% below the highs of only a month ago. In recent days, … Read more

EU’s Top Cop Calls For Stricter Cryptocurrency Policing

Europe’s top policeman has joined the clamour for more regulation of cryptocurrency to stop organised crime gangs from laundering their illicit cash. Europol director Rob Wainwright reckons criminals generate £100 billion each year from people trafficking, drugs, illegal weapons and other activities – and that between £3 billion and £4 billion is washed clean through … Read more

Banks Crack Down On Buying Cryptocurrency With Credit Cards

Banks are banning cryptocurrency purchases on credit cards because they fear they will be left holding huge debts if something goes wrong with the transaction. The banks and card issuers have concerns about how they can manage cryptocurrency issues. The major worry is that customers could buy into a cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin or ethereum, … Read more

Bitcoin Landmark As Futures Market Opens Trading

Bitcoin flirted with a $20,000 valuation before falling to $18,500 at the close of the first day of trading futures on the massive Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The day marked another step towards acceptance as a mainstream investment in this year’s phenomenal rags to riches story of the cryptocurrency as the first Bitcoin futures came to … Read more