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Bitcoin Hanging On $4,000 By The Fingertips

Bitcoin is hanging on to a $4,000 plus price tag by the fingertips and may dip below again within a few days. Current trading puts Bitcoin at $4,036.50 with the cryptocurrency rallying from a start of $4025.19 to a high of $4,072 at lunch time before falling back. In the markets, traders were hoping an … Read more

Crypto Jolts Back To Life And Drags Bitcoin To $4,000

cryptocurrency bitcoin

Cryptocurrency has seen an unexpected rally as a sea of green lights up the price boards at exchanges around the world. Bitcoin has improved from $3,911.29 to more than $4,000 for the first time since a blip on February 23 saw the price jump to $4,149.09. That’s the only time since Christmas that Bitcoin has … Read more

Smart City Will Run On Blockchain And AI

Smart city

Digital currency billionaire and entrepreneur Jeffrey Berns has revealed plans for a smart city to rise out of the sands of the desert in Nevada, USA. The city will stretch over nearly 70,000 acres and be home to around 250,000 people. Homes, businesses and infrastructure will benefit from the latest technologies – artificial intelligence, nanotech, … Read more

Cryptocurrency Needs Rules – Winklevoss Twins

Cryptocurrency pioneers and influences the Winklevoss twins have again made a call for tougher rules to govern the market. The twins introduced stablecoin GeminiUSD and are about to open a new exchange in the US. They have regularly called for better regulation of the sector. “Some have wondered why @Gemini believes the Revolution Needs Rules. … Read more

35 Countries Set To Licence Crypto Exchanges Like Banks

The world’s leading economies have agreed a strategy to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges in the same way as they lay down rules for commercial banks to operate. The plan was drawn up by the Financial Action Task Force– a talking shop and think-tank for 353 of the world’s leading economic nations. A report agreed and circulated … Read more

Monero Hard Fork Only Days Away

Monero is the latest cryptocurrency to face a hard fork – but the upgrade is to improve the blockchain rather than increase the throughput of transactions. Other hard forks – like the recent Bitcoin Cash fiasco – have looked towards speeding up the cryptocurrencies blockchain. The Monero hard fork will happen when a specific block … Read more

Hard Fork Leaves Bitcoin Cash In Turmoil

The Bitcoin Cash hard fork seems to have injected huge uncertainty into the cryptocurrency market, sparking a savage blood-letting as the value of every major coin against the US dollar plummeted. Bitcoin Cash split into two separate coins on November 15, leaving the original Bitcoin Cash and the new Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash … Read more

Tax Deadline Day Looms For UK Crypto Investors

If you are a British cryptocurrency trader, the deadline day for tax filing is fast approaching, but do you know if you have any profits to declare – and if so how to declare them? The answer is probably no as cryptocurrency is a fiendishly complicated market with fluid rules and boundaries. A cryptocurrency is … Read more

Boxing Champ Mayweather Snared In $25m ICO Scam

Former world boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather is embroiled in an alleged multimillion dollar cryptocurrency scam. Mayweather landed a knockout blow for some investors when he messaged his 8 million social media followers endorsing an initial coin offering in 2017. Mayweather told his fans he had invested in the Centra Tech ICO and encouraged to buy … Read more

How To Pick A Cryptocurrency Exchange

If you are a cryptocurrency veteran or a newbie ready to dip into investing, you need to pick a trading platform that is right for you. But with a huge number of exchanges worldwide vying for your custom, how do you know which one to pick? The first decision is probably selecting more than one … Read more