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Brits Worried The Euro Is Ready To Implode


Just when investors thought the Euro crisis was over comes research showing that financially-savvy Brits say they are concerned about the collapse of the currency and what it means for them. The study by wealth advisors Towry revealed that 13% of Brits have Euro collapse fears, particularly now France is back in recession and the … Read more

FX Futures Can Safeguard Wealth For Expats

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As currencies fluctuate in value almost hourly, expats would be forgiven for worrying about the impact the volatile markets are having on their cash – especially if they are in retirement and living on limited savings. Now, one expert says that with some planning, expats can safeguard themselves from currency movements – a big help … Read more

Asian Economies Dig In For Currency War

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They said it wouldn’t happen, but now economic analysts say there is a currency war in progress. The issue is that Japan has begun to devalue the yen in a bid to make exports cheaper, which in turn will help boost its flagging economy and boost its GDP. Though like most things in life there … Read more