Crunch time for nut rage airline executive

Former Korean Air executive Heather Cho faces a year in jail for breaking aviation law because of her tantrum about the way she was served nuts on a plane.

Witnesses saw her hit the airliner’s chief steward with a safety manual when he poured her nuts into a bowl instead of serving them in the packet as she requested.

Cho then ordered the plane back to the terminal gate to offload the steward.

She pleaded not guilty to obstructing aviation safety, but was convicted.

“She trampled on human dignity and treated the flight as if it was her private plane,” said the judge.

Political unrest

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is warning expats and travellers in Bahrain to remain vigilant in protests marking the third anniversary of political unrest in the country four years ago.

The FCO is expecting an increase in street demonstrations and protest leaders have called for a general strike from February 11 until February 14.

In recent weeks, police and civilians have been killed and injured in explosions.

“These protests usually include bids to stop traffic,” said an FCO spokesman. “Be careful when driving and try to stay away from demonstrations in the street.

“We often see explosions, burning tyres and petrol bombs that are efforts to lure security forces into confrontations with protestors.”

Gang violence

Tourists and expats travelling to and from Norman Manley Airport, Jamaica, are running the gauntlet of armed gangs, says the FCO.

Gang violence and shootings are rife in the capital Kingston, and many of these gangs look for tourists to rob.

Police have stepped up patrols, but the FCO warns tourists to stay away from isolated beaches and beauty spots and not to travel alone.

“Watch out when drawing cash from ATMs and do not carry large amounts of cash or jewellery,” said a spokesman. “Eating in the same restaurant or frequenting the same place too often may also make you a target.

The spokesman also urged expats and visitors to keep doors and windows barred and to stay in secure hotel or residential compounds for as much time as possible.

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  • The US government also issues regular travel warnings online
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