Crowdfunders Hand Over Cash To Help Those In Need

Goodwill crowdfunding projects are raising thousands of pounds for people with illnesses and disabilities.

One of the latest projects to hit a funding target is a £10,400 appeal to buy an off-road wheelchair for Tom Burnett, aged 8, from Medstead, Hampshire, England.

Tom suffers a muscle wasting disease that means he is often confined to home because he lives in a rural area surrounded by tracks and paths rather than pavements and walkways.

Mum Rebecca set up an appeal page on crowdfunding platform GoFundMe and raised the cash from 114 donors in less than 12 weeks.

“The response was fantastic. The wheelchair is already ordered and on the way and we are so grateful that so many people gave some money to help give Tom back his life,” said Rebecca.

Hospital cash appeal

In the US, Cathy Kehler, 50, was diagnosed with breast cancer and could not afford the $8,000 bill for out of pocket expenses and an operation that are not covered by her medical insurance.

The hospital where she is under treatment in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, suggested financial counselling where crowdfunding an appeal for help with the cost came out of a brainstorming session.

The hospital has now set up a system where crowdfunder Somewhere With Group collects money for patients asking for financial help and loads the cash on to prepaid debit cards so they can meet treatment bills.

Patients, like Cathy, musty be under treatment to take part in the campaign and the money raised can only be spent on medical bills.

Help for sick children

The crowdfunder has successfully paid for Cathy’s treatment and after a trial with her hospital, hopes to sign up to offer a similar service for another US hospitals within the year.

In Scotland, another couple is seeking £500 to help with their finances. They have five children, two who are seriously ill.

The local council cannot find them a larger home, and crowdfunding is a last ditch attempt by the Cruse family to find the cash. They need a massive £40,000.

Cole Cruse, aged three, suffers seizures, cannot crawl or talk and is confined to a wheelchair.

Brother Lewis, 14, has autism and dyspraxia.

So far, the campaign has raised £280 from 18 donors in a week.

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