Crime Fighting App In £500,000 Appeal To Investors

Facewatch, the online crime reporting app has raised £530,000 from 153 investors after making a crowdfunding appeal for funds.

Facewatch lets police, the public, businesses and other organisations swap CCTV and still images of incidents in a bid to identify criminals.

The app also allows forwarding image files to the police as evidence for prosecution.

The funding is for expanding the service to include other crime watch groups, such as pubs and shops and for launching a mobile app.

Facewatch founder and chairman Simon Gordon said: “The public have responded by putting their hands in their pockets to support our hopes of bringing the public, businesses and the police together in a forum to identify criminals and solve crime.”

P2P lender says credit’s due to landlords

Crowdfunding platform Seedrs is becoming the go-to place for other crowdfunding platforms seeking to raise cash.

The latest crowdfunder to pitch on the site is LandlordInvest, a peer to peer lender that arranges finance for property investors.

The P2P lender has a target of raising £60,000 in return for 11.5% of equity.

The money will be used to help property investors with near-perfect credit scores who cannot borrow money from mainstream banks or building societies because of slight blemishes on their credit records.

Loans will be secured against property.

Filip Karadaghi, LandlordInvest’s chief executive said: “It’s not fair that a borrower who missed a single payment years ago because of an unexpected life event such as divorce or illness should carry the scars forever.

“We feel our lenders will pick up higher returns than in traditional lending as there is a huge unserved market.”

The company expects to generate investment returns of between 5% and 10% for lenders.

Exit strategy for crowdfunders

Crowd2Fund is setting up Crowd Exchange, a new platform that lets crowdfunding or peer to peer lenders to dispose of their investments.

Crowd2Fund wants the exchange to be a central clearing house for investors seeking to exit debt or equity deals.

CEO Chris Hancock said: “The crowdfunding world has discussed ways of how to exit from investments without leaving companies or their investors at a disadvantage and we believe the exchange is the perfect forum for doing this.

“We hope the process will be self-regulated and give investors the toolkit they need to turn their holdings into cash if they wish to do so.”

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