China Wants BRICS Nations To Take The World Stage

Countries with emerging economies are looking for a bigger say in international politics.

They believe their economic clout should earn them more places on influential international bodies to reflect their new status.

The call came from China’s President Xi Jinping in an address to BRICS nations who feel as the engine powering the world economy, they should have a louder voice on the global stage.

One specific target is the World Bank, which he believes is dominated by Western governments to the detriment of developing nations.

“BRICS countries should push for a more just and reasonable international order,” Xi told an appreciative audience at the closure of the summit.

“We should work together to address global challenges.”

The BRICS nations – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – have burgeoning economies and huge populations.

Enlarging the BRICS club

Even though Brazil is pulling out of recession, they account for a massive slice of the world market for goods and services.

The BRICS nations also want to enlarge their club, some invited some powerful allies to the talks.

Egypt, Guinea, Tajikistan, Thailand and Mexico joined the summit as observers and potential candidates for BRICS membership.

“Leaders from the BRICS countries are determined to work toward another golden decade,” said Xi.

The Chinese leader also cast an eye over US President Donald Trump’s attitude to international relationships, although he was not mentioned by name.

“Multilateral trade negotiations make progress only with great difficulty and the implementation of the Paris Agreement has met with resistance,” Xi said.

Trump criticised

“Some countries have become more inward-looking, and their desire to participate in global development cooperation has decreased.”

Xi’s comments come as China seeks to gain more influence by funding infrastructure projects in developing countries.

Although he does not see Western nations as enemies, he views developing and emerging economies as closer trade partners.

The summit follows his announcement of Silk Road, a $900 billion vision of a new world order led by China.

He outlined his benevolent plans to link China with foreign markets with road, rail and shipping routes mainly funded by his government.

Xi wants to build a global marketplace spanning more than 60 countries, many of which have no money to invest.

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