What Do You Buy Someone Who Has Everything?

If you have saved all you need for retirement and want to spend a little on life’s little luxuries, here are a few suggestions of what to buy someone who thinks they already have everything.

These 10 items are all available from retailers who seem to have time to spare dreaming up even more expensive and lavish ways for the super-rich to waste their money.

Pencil – £8,890

A distinctive 250-year-old olive wood and white gold pencil designed to include an eraser and sharpener. The German manufacturer only made 99 limited edition pencils

Golden shirt – £163,000

A recurring theme in the list is crafting luxury items from gold, but few are as ridiculous as a golden shirt made for India’s Gold Man Datta Phuge.

The gold shirt has Swarovski crystal button and is embellished with tens of thousands of spangles to make the shirt sparkle under lights.

Yes, it is uncomfortable – the designers sewed the gold onto a velvet lining to stop scratching.

The practical aspects of washing the shirt when the armpits get too smelly aren’t explained either.

Golden vacuum cleaner – £800,000

A 24 carat gold plated vacuum cleaner – so the working parts and chassis are just like anyone else’s. It’s just the bits that show which are golden.

2005 Lear 40Xr – £2.2 million

A private luxury jet is an essential accessory for anyone who really wants to be considered a member of the jet-set.

Fitted out with a walnut veneer interior, club seats and a top of the range video and sound system, this plane is the height of luxury.

This jet takes a crew of two and seven passengers anywhere within a range of 1,550 miles at an altitude of 45,000 feet.

Kalamazoo K100HS – £17,000

For the person you know with money to burn – the world’s most expensive BBQ.

The company literature explains the BBQ has awesome firepower, advanced heat dynamics and is easy to clean.

…But do you get more for your money with luxury brands?

A study came to the conclusion that you don’t get what you pay for. Shelling out less for the cheaper option makes you more frugal but not necessarily any the worse off when getting value for money.

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