Brexit Leadership Deals No One Signed Up For

Britain’s political slate is about to be wiped clean as politicians on all sides of Parliament resign as part of the Brexit fall out.

However, as the dust settles and the way ahead becomes clearer, the future of the country appears to be in the hands of a minority of left and right activists rather than the electorate.

Many may consider they did not sign up to see Boris Johnson or a leave unknown take over as prime minister when they voted to remain or leave the European Union.

But the result seems to be that Labour’s 750,000 members and the 150,000 signed up Tory supporters will decide what happens next.

The move disenfranchises millions of voters who watching events play out in Westminster.

Corbyn’s untenable position

The Tories are discussing their options behind closed doors, while Labour has a more public demonstration of dissatisfaction with leader Jeremy Corbyn.

At least 18 of his shadow cabinet have resigned, claiming he lacks the leadership skills to take them into a general election. They have been replaced with more faceless unknowns carrying out roles no one knew existed.

Tory MPs and party activists will decide who is the next incumbent of 10 Downing Street, while Labour’s MPs and supporters will make a similar decision for their party if Corbyn goes, which is becoming extremely likely.

Corbyn is increasingly reaping the blame for Brexit for failing to mobilise Labour supporters to vote remain.

Osborne switches sides

“Half of our voters didn’t know what Labour’s position was,” said MP Angela Eagle, as she resigned from the shadow cabinet.

“Labour can’t be led by someone who can’t get that simple message across.”

Meanwhile, Chancellor George Osborne seems to have switched sides from remain to leave as he voiced support for Boris Johnson’s move to take over leadership of the Tories and take the plumb job in Downing Street.

“I’ve still got a job to do to steer Britain through economic turbulence,” he said. “The Treasury and Bank of England have a strategy and funding in place to settle the markets and to stabilise the economy. There’s no need for anyone to panic while Britain’s relationship with Europe is sorted out.”

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