Retirement Income Gap Is Postcode Lottery

The retirement income gap between the richest and poorest pensioners turns out to be a postcode lottery. Pensioners living in the wealthiest parts of London and the South have incomes of up to £25,600 more than their counterparts living in the worst-off areas, such as Stoke on Trent. But figures taken from HM Revenue & … Read more

What Pensions And Marshmallows Have In Common

Financial regulators are trying to close the pension transfer barn door well after the horse has bolted into the distance. A disgraceful feeding frenzy over the British Steel Pension Scheme has led to the Financial Conduct Authority to bring out new rules to curb the number of transfersfrom workplace pensions to private schemes. Watchdogs, lawyers … Read more

Record Pay Day For Investors As Dividends Hit A High

Global stock markets smashed their way to record highs in 2017 – and took investors on the ride with them. In the UK alone, companies paid a record £94.4 billion in dividends to shareholders. The increase shattered the previous record set in 2014 and was 10.5% up on the previous year – a rise of … Read more

Buy To Let Mortgage Guide For Expats

Buy to let mortgage rules have tightened up for new landlords as well as seasoned investors. If you are an expat looking to buy or refinance in the UK, then you need to know how the new rules will impact your business. Deposits – the more an investor ploughs into their investment, the lower the … Read more

How Much You Need To Save For A Comfortable Retirement

Pension experts have crunched some numbers to come up with how much an average worker needs to save to retire on a target annual income of two-thirds of their final salary. The average salary at retirement is £27,000, according to government figures. To maintain the standard of living this salary buys in retirement, savers need … Read more

How Tax Residence Impacts UK Savings And Pensions

Simply leaving Britain to live or work overseas for a stretch of time does not make you non-resident for tax. That statement may come as a bit of a surprise, but expats do not decide to become non-resident, a set of rules decides the issue for them. The rules are laid out in the statutory … Read more

Will You Live Until You Are 100?

Life expectancy is improving so much the chances of living to 100 years old will increase from 20 to one now to evens by 2066. This astonishing leap in longevity means someone reaching 55 years old now has an average life expectancy of 85 years, leaving them 30 years in retirement if they have enough … Read more

Watch Out How You Spend That Pension Cash

If you are going on a spending spree with your pension cash, watch where the money goes, or you could be in trouble. Anyone who the government believes deliberately spends their pension money and then claims benefits could find they are breaking some special rules. The technical term is deprivation, and anyone who deliberately spends … Read more

Are You A Victim Of Your Own Financial Mind Games?

Savers and investors are often their own worst enemy when managing their money because false obstacles stop them from making the right financial decisions. The insight comes from behavioural psychology studies of investors with self-managed pensions in the United States, but equally apply to retirement savers in other countries. Here are some of the points … Read more