Six Big Pension Cash Questions You Need To Ask


Retirement savers have had more choice about how they spend the money in their pensions for more than two years, but not everyone understands how pension freedoms work. Often the problem is making financial decisions in the wrong order, which can lead to costly risks and potentially paying too much tax. Rather than taking the … Read more

Tax Deadline Day Looms For UK Crypto Investors

If you are a British cryptocurrency trader, the deadline day for tax filing is fast approaching, but do you know if you have any profits to declare – and if so how to declare them? The answer is probably no as cryptocurrency is a fiendishly complicated market with fluid rules and boundaries. A cryptocurrency is … Read more

Brexiteers Shout Down Deal Before They Know The Terms

u and eu flag

The usual Brexit suspects have prominently renounced Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposed Brexit deal before the details have been released. Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nigel Farage have criticised the deal at the head of a band of Tory rebels. They brand the deal as ‘unacceptable’ as the terms would make Britain a ‘vassal state … Read more

Do You Fit The Profile Of A SEIS Business Angel?

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme is drawing huge amounts of ‘smart capital’ from business angels, according to new research. These investors are have tied up their cash in 15,000 businesses contributing £4.5 billion to the economy while creating 69,700 jobs. The research by the British Business Bank and the UK Business Angels Association wants to … Read more

SEIS – How to invest in start-ups

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) is a well-kept secret among investors in the know, but finding out which companies are looking for cash is a harder task for many. Plenty of information is online about SEIS tax breaks, but only a few places list start-ups seeking investment. SEIS has two ways to invest – … Read more

Year-End Tax Planning Guide For UK Expats

The end of the financial year is fast approaching for UK taxpayers – including expats who may live overseas but are still tax residents. It’s important to make the best of any available tax breaks that allow taxpayers to keep their money in savings or investments rather than handing too much to the tax man. … Read more

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Thanks A Million Lucas, Says Spider Animator

Hollywood movie animator Josh Slice has hit the big time with his small animation Lucas the Spider. He has so many orders for his soft toy that was brought to life as a computer animation that he has become a millionaire in less than a month. Slice has had more than 40,000 orders for Lucas … Read more

What’s The Best Age To Reach A Financial Milestone?

Everyone likes to benchmark their money against how others are doing – and doing so is a good way to monitor if we are on track for our financial goals. Most of us already have a mental calculator that ticks off milestones in our lives, like when we first applied for a driving licence, went … Read more

Live Shows Bring In The Cash For High-Earning Musicians

Musicians don’t make money out of selling records or streaming downloads anymore – the big bucks come from live shows. Millions of dollars can come from a world tour and selling ‘merch’ – merchandise like T-shirts, books and clothing – on the door. The list of the biggest earners is not necessarily the same as … Read more

Tax-Free Pension Cash FAQ For British Expats

A tax-free cash lump sum is often considered a just reward for many years of hard saving into a pension. But many retirement savers are unsure what to do once they are entitled to take the money. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions we are asked about tax-free pension cash: When … Read more