Bid To Reunite Pension Savers With Missing Billions

Pension minister Steve Webb is continuing his assault on financial firms by looking at ways to unlock billions of pounds they hold because they have lost track of the retirement savers who have a right to the money. Webb has already joined with Chancellor George Osborne in a radical overhaul of the pension industry that … Read more

Trust Tax Rules Will Hit £1m Estates Hardest

The full extent of how new inheritance tax rules for trusts will hit estate planning for families has been revealed by a legal expert. HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) wants to change the rules so anyone with multiple trusts gets just a single nil rate £325,000 inheritance tax band. Currently, married couples can shelter £650,000 … Read more

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African Ebola Virus IS Worst Outbreak Ever

The worst outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus is sweeping across four countries in Africa. The Ebola epidemic is the worst by geographical spread and the number of people infected. So far, the virus has claimed victims in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria after the first reported case were in Guinea earlier this year. The most … Read more

Offshore Bond Sales Slump Worries Financial Firms

Sales of offshore bonds are dropping off at alarming rate as wealthy retired investors shift their money into other financial products. The first three months of the year saw the single premium offshore bond market collapse by nearly 10%. Sales slumped from £981 million at the end of last year to £881 million. Not only … Read more

Investment Scam Black List Tops 3,150 Firms

The British financial watchdog issues warnings about bogus firms and scam traders almost every day, but many investors are still unaware of just how many fraudsters are after their money. The Financial Conduct Authority list of unauthorised financial and investment advisers is huge – covering just over 3,150 firms. Each is a scam operation and … Read more

Civil Unrest Unsettles The Global Price Of Oil

Escalating violence in Iraq is starting to impact on the price of oil as rival groups battle to control the country’s oil fields and refineries. Iraq outputs around 3 million barrels of oil a day, and industry experts are concerned that fuel prices will rise and cause problems for economic recovery in many countries should … Read more

Cyprus Expats Win Mortgage Misselling Battle

Thousands of British property owners with homes in Cyprus are hoping to end mortgage misselling claims after Alpha Bank Cyprus and a consortium of property professionals settled at the eleventh hour. The bank, property developers, lawyers and estate agents were due before the High Court, London, to face the misselling claims from a group of … Read more

Expats Flooding Into New Zealand

The New Zealand population clock is speeding up as record numbers of expats arrive in the country. Latest government figures reveal one expat is added to the country’s population every 16 minutes. By the end of 2014, New Zealand expects to welcome at least 40,000 expats – the highest number for more than 10 years. … Read more

High Earners Miss £225 Million Of Pension Tax Relief

Higher rate taxpayers without a pension are missing out on more than £2,500 each in tax relief, according to new research. Around 10% of high earners do not contribute to a pension in the UK, says financial firm The Prudential. The study showed that the average higher rate taxpayer – that’s someone paying income tax … Read more

IFAs and financial advisors – what’s the difference?

As momentum builds up for independent financial advisers to change their status to giving restricted advice, how many investors know the difference between the different levels of help they will receive when seeking advice. Industry trade paper FT Adviser reckons a quarter of financial advisers on their database of 10,000 subscribers call themselves restricted. But … Read more