Brexit Countdown Ticks On As No Deal Beckons

The Brexit countdown is ticking away despite the lack of action in Westminster – and with three weeks to go, a no deal split looks on the cards. MPs just cannot stop squabbling about how unacceptable the deal on the table is, but after two years still cannot settle on an alternative. The latest is … Read more

Landlords Leave Students In Damp Homes Infested By Rats

Landlords are accused of ignoring complaints from thousands of students live in horrid homes infested by rats. The shocking revelation comes from a report by the National Union of Students that asked more than 2,000 students about the condition of their rented homes. A massive 42% are living in homes with damp and mould on … Read more

What’s Best For Savers – A Pension Or ISA?

If you have some extra cash savings ready for investing at the end of the financial year, what’s best – a pension or an ISA? Both offer tax-efficient saving, but deciding which one offers the best benefits is tough. Pensions and ISAs are not either/or investments, but different ways to reach the same goal. Few … Read more

Google Does A U-Turn Over Crypto Exchange Ads

Google is the latest internet giant to make a U-turn by overturning an advertising ban on cryptocurrency exchanges. The search goliath joined Facebook and Twitter earlier in the year with a blanket ban on cryptocurrency advertising. The online corporations were concerned that unscrupulous crooks were ripping off users with scam initial coin offerings (ICOs) and … Read more

Saudi Production Cuts Trigger Oil Price Rise

Top oil exporter Saudi Arabia triggered a price rise by announcing a cut in production from December. The key Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) player is turning the tap off on 500,000 barrels of crude a day after trying unsuccessfully to encourage other producers to cut their output. Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih explained … Read more

Petition Protesters Want Annuity Change In Budget 2018

A pressure group wants Chancellor Phillip Hammond to cash in their poor-performing annuities as part of his Autumn Budget 2018. Hammond is due to announce his Budget in Parliament on October 29. Lobbyists Your Pension, Your Choice are calling on annuity holders to sign a petition supporting their fight to extend pension freedoms to the … Read more

Singapore Is Top World City For Expats

Singapore has been crowned the favourite city for expats for the fourth time in a row. The Expat Explorer survey from HSBC Bank claims the city state ticks most of the boxes on every expat’s wish list. A financial and technology hub with a stable economy and government, Singapore businesses offer expats the chance to … Read more

Who’s Winning The Digital V Hard Currency Battle In 2018?

The investment return on Bitcoin has outstripped the yield of three major currencies this year, according to new data. Bitcoin was not the only cryptocurrency champion – EOS won over 11 currencies and VeChain performed better than five currencies when compared against the US dollar. TRON, Ethereum Classic and Stellar also showed better returns than … Read more

No Deal Brexit Scares As UK Readies For Worst Scenario


Scare stories are abounding about what could happen to the UK if politicians fail to hammer out a Brexit deal before the March 2019 deadline. As Brexit Day fast approaches, the British government has published a series of documents outlining what may happen to the economy if no agreement is reached. The concerns range from … Read more

Setting A Retirement Date As An Expat?

If you are a British expat trying to work out your retirement options, just how do you calculate when you can stop working and receive a pension? The problem is you have different retirement dates – When you reach your 55thbirthday When you stop working When you start getting paid by work or personal pensions … Read more