Britain Finds Savings Grace After Years Of Borrowing

Britain has found a saving grace after years of living on credit cards and borrowed money, according to a new survey from HSBC Bank. Following the banking crisis in 2008, households have gradually switched from credit to saving. Now, says the survey, 43% are saving regularly and many savers are looking for financial options that … Read more

Only Half Of Those Daring HMRC Win Their Tax Cases

Taxpayers who dare to challenge a decision by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have a 50:50 chance of overturning the result on review, according to new data. HMRC has published statistics detailing the number of cases going to review – and the outcomes for taxpayers. It’s difficult to work out whether the figures are meant … Read more

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HMRC Tax Crackdown On Expat Landlords

Expats landlords letting homes in the UK are starting to receive threatening letters from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) abut unpaid tax. As HMRC comes under increasing pressure from the government to collect more tax, property investors are increasingly targeted because the nature of their investment is easy to track. HMRC reckons landlords are avoiding … Read more

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Expats Urged To Take Up Tax Benefits Of New ISAs

The new UK ISA £15,000 savings limit comes into force in the UK for investors from July 1, 2014. Financial experts are warning expats who still have UK tax residence should not ignore the enhanced tax breaks offered by the new ISAs. The warning comes hot on the back of other news that expats paying … Read more

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World’s Richest Ponder How To Share Their Wealth

In one of life’s ironies, around 250 people representing the world’s richest individuals and organisations have sat down in London to talk about how to spread their wealth to everyone else. Regardless of their serious intent, a cynic might think that if their intent was serious, they would have divested themselves of their trappings of … Read more

Investment Scams Make Millions Despite Warnings

Carbon credit scammers selling worthless investments to vulnerable investors at sky-high prices were shut down by the High Court in the public interest. A network of 13 interlinked companies was closed by the court after hearing 100,000 investors or more were scammed out of millions of pounds by the companies. The business operation had a … Read more