Markets Catch A Cold From Coronavirus Wonder Drug Failure

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Share prices around the world have dropped after a potential wonder drug for treating coronavirus failed medical trials in China. Medics have pinned their hopes on Gilead Sciences treatment remdesivir offering a respite from the pandemic. But researchers in China reported the drug had no discernible effect on coronavirus patients despite test results to the … Read more

Stock Markets Slump To Worst Quarter In 37 Years

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Stock markets slumped to record losses in the first three mnths of the year due to fears over how coronavirus impacts the world economy  and investments. As the largest falls recorded for quarterly trading in 37 years hit the markets, London‘s FTSE dived 23% and New York’s Dow Jones plunged 25%. Most other markets around … Read more

Is Onecoin A $4 Billion Scam Or A Real Cryptocurrency?


Digital currency OneCoin is in a mess with thousands of investors locked out of their money and the scheme’s founder on the run from US authorities accused of running a pyramid scam. Police and regulators reckon OneCoin has raised £4 billion from tens of thousands of investors around the world. Founder Ruja Ignatova argues OneCoin … Read more

Most People Really Do Find Tax Too Taxing

Few people understand tax and how the rules impact the money in their pockets, according to new research. Out of 2,000 people quizzed about tax, the average score out of 30 was just 10.6 – while half of those taking the quiz scored less than 10. The lowest scores came from the youngest people asked … Read more

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Bitcoin Takes Another Dive As Price Crashes To $9,500

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Cryptocurrency has taken a bashing again – and much of the problem was self-inflicted. The price of Bitcoin has tumbled after flirting within grasp of a new year high of $14,000. The exchange rate is now struggling to maintain $9,500 after losing 8% of value in a day. The slump follows a sustained attack from … Read more

Woodford Says Sorry To Investors For Suspended Fund

Woodford Says Sorry To Investors For Suspended Fund

Multi billion pound fund manager Neil Woodford has said sorry to thousands of investors who have their money trapped in his suspended LF Woodford Equity Income Fund. The fund was suspended a few days ago – and in a blog and video, Woodford explains what’s happening in a bid to reassure investors that their money … Read more

Global House Price Inflation Drops By Nearly A Third In A Year

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Average global house prices rose by 4.5% last year – dropping from 7% a year earlier, according to new data. The latest house price rankings show a big about turn, with every Chinese city except Hong Kong plunging out of the top 20, with cities from Germany, The Netherlands and Europe racing up the chart. … Read more

Cash Rich Investors Look For Right Moment To Pounce

Investors have a pile of cash and are keen to find the right opportunities to invest, according to a new study. More than 3,600 investors and entrepreneurs worldwide were quizzed about their investment plans for the rest of the year. Double the number (51%) were optimistic about the global economy picking up, compared with 21% … Read more

Playing The Game Of Life To Predict Your Pension Needs


How much money you need to fund a comfortable retirement is the question most of us would like answered. After all, having a definite figure to aim for would make saving a lot easier. But we are all different. Some of us will live longer than others, some of us will have a more extravagant … Read more

What Are Your Rights If A Flight Is Cancelled?

What are your rights to a refund if an airline cancels your flight before you are due to go on the trip? Thousands of expats face this dilemma as budget airline Ryanair axes thousands of flights due to pilot rostering problems. The issue is not as rare as most expats other than frequent flyers may … Read more