China Wants BRICS Nations To Take The World Stage

Countries with emerging economies are looking for a bigger say in international politics. They believe their economic clout should earn them more places on influential international bodies to reflect their new status. The call came from China’s President Xi Jinping in an address to BRICS nations who feel as the engine powering the world economy, … Read more

Deafening Silence As MPs Vote For Brexit Delay

u and eu flag

The quiet across Europe was deafening as British MPs voted to ask for a Brexit extension. Normally white hot social media accounts peddling European Union propaganda fell silent. The cut-throat antics at Westminster is shocking as MPs throw off the shackles of party political allegiance in a maelstrom of blood letting against rivals who talk … Read more

Savers Need To Know More About Pensions


Most pension savers have no idea how much to put aside each month and want the government to set them minimum contribution levels. Shocking statistics that show how little most savers understand about their retirement savings show three out of four would prefer to be told how much to save rather than figure the problem … Read more

How Does The State Pension Rank Where You Live?

A major review of international state pension schemes claims some risk creating unfairness between generations. Pension experts ranked pensions in 30 countries to come up with the results. Denmark came out on top for the sixth year in a row, while Japan, Austria, Italy, and France were held as examples of developed economies whose pension … Read more

Can Your Loved Ones Manage Your Money If You Die?

Only one in four expats have organised their financial affairs enough for their loved ones to easily take them over when they die. A new study from financial firm Royal London revealed the glaring problem – and highlighted that 10% of us believe out finances are too complicated for someone else to step in and … Read more

How Much Is Your Pension Fund Worth?

If you are saving into a pension, you are probably wondering how much money you will get on retirement. It’s a common question retirement savers ask and not always easy to work out. Taking money from a pension is easier than ever once you reach 55 years old, but the options for accessing the fund … Read more

SEIS Tax Breaks – What Investors Need To Know


The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) promises investors a lot – but some quirky rules need following to make the most of the tax breaks. Guidance from HM Revenue & Customs would have most investors believing that tax reliefs are automatic – but they are not. How long do I have to keep SEIS shares? … Read more

What Expats Are Paid In The Gulf States


The average salary for expats working in the Gulf States has gone down – but it doesn’t mean they are being paid less. The salary survey for 2018 carried out has undergone some counting changes that has seen the amount reduce because the index has added several tiers of lower paid jobs. The average monthly … Read more

Buy To Let Rents Keep Pace With Rising Inflation

Buy to let rents are just keeping pace with inflation, according to the latest data. Landlords saw a 2.1% rise in rents for the year to the end of October, while the cost of living was up 2.2%. But the money paid by tenants varied widely across the country. Rents rose the most in Northern … Read more

Self-Storage – An Unlikely Investment Alternative

Real estate has long since been a popular choice for investors, yet self storage is one area in real estate that is often overlooked. While the rest of the real estate market can be challenging and crowded at times, the self storage industry is growing, presenting investors with a promising investment alternative across Europe. Self … Read more