Top Expat Destinations Are Unfamiliar Places

The first names that slip of an expats tongue for the best quality of life aren’t necessarily the best places to live and work, according to new research. The Austrian capital Vienna ranks top for lifestyle – followed by Auckland, Munich and Vancouver. The surprise destinations came from an analysis of a range of lifestyle … Read more

What A Relief For Small Business Investors

Investors are pumping huge amounts of cash into the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) following the government upping income tax relief. Investment rocketed after EIS income tax relief jumped from 20% to 30% in April 2011. The adjustment put EIS on a par with Venture Capital Trusts (VCT). After Chancellor George Osborne equalised income tax relief … Read more

How Many Years Will You Live In Retirement?

The latest official statistics give some idea of how long men and women in Britain are likely to live after retirement. Issued by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the figures show that longevity for people over 65 years old has risen by 40% for men and 23% for women between 1980 and 2012. A … Read more