Visa Dodgers Face Ban On Entering Thailand

Expats who leave Thailand on ‘visa runs’ so they can extend their stay face a crackdown by immigration officials. The government claims expats avoid immigration rules by dodging in and out of the country on tourist visas. From September, expats who have left Thailand and try to get back into the country on a tourist … Read more

Time To Revisit US Stocks And Shares

It’s time to revisit US stocks and shares despite a strong showing on the markets this year, says an industry expert. Traditionally, the markets dip in June, causing savvy investors to sell in May. However some fund managers consider that US equities may pick up later this year due to high corporate earnings growth heading … Read more

Hard-Up Pensioners Sit On Wealth Locked In Homes

Pensioners are increasingly borrowing against the value of their homes to boost their pensions or pay off debts, say equity release experts. Equity release borrowing increased by a third last year – to £326 million. This is the most borrowed by over-55s in more than 10 years, according to trade body the Equity Release Council. … Read more

Your Retirement Financial Planning Checklist

Financial planning for retirement is a daunting task seemingly governed by many unknowns, so breaking the task down into small chunks can make the job a lot easier. So many assumptions have to be considered – like how long will you live and whether you will need to cover the cost of long term care. … Read more

FATCA – 112 Countries Sign Up For Tax Network

From July 1, 2014, the world is divided into two distinct halves – those confirming to the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and those who are not. The United Nations officially lists 229 nations in the world. According to the US Treasury, 112 are either signed up FATCA members or have indicated they … Read more

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We All Earn A Million – But Where Does The Cash Go?

It’s definitely a man’s world when it comes to pocketing cash as women wait 20 years longer to earn their first £1 million, according to a new survey. The average British worker earns a £1 million by the time they are 57 years old, says research by financial firm Prudential. A £216,500 slice of that … Read more

Pensions Data Reveals Reforms Will Help Millions

The first official figures detailing how many retirement savers are affected by the government’s pension shake-up have been revealed by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). The figures show millions of retirement savers have a greater choice over how to spend and save their pensions – and that those with defined contribution schemes tend to … Read more

Home Secretary Acts At Last On Expat Passport Misery

Red-faced British Home Secretary has had to dole out automatic 12-month extensions to expat passports after a huge mountain of applications are await processing by civil servants. The back-log in dealing with passport renewals and applications has upset the lives of thousands of expats who found themselves trapped and unable to travel because their passports … Read more

Top Expat Destinations Are Unfamiliar Places

The first names that slip of an expats tongue for the best quality of life aren’t necessarily the best places to live and work, according to new research. The Austrian capital Vienna ranks top for lifestyle – followed by Auckland, Munich and Vancouver. The surprise destinations came from an analysis of a range of lifestyle … Read more

What A Relief For Small Business Investors

Investors are pumping huge amounts of cash into the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) following the government upping income tax relief. Investment rocketed after EIS income tax relief jumped from 20% to 30% in April 2011. The adjustment put EIS on a par with Venture Capital Trusts (VCT). After Chancellor George Osborne equalised income tax relief … Read more