Ryan Holder

I look at the tech industry and the investment opportunities across the sector. The growth in particular of UK tech is my focus, and I also write for London Tech Magazine. I also follow world economic developments for Money International, and when I’m not busy delving into these issues, I love cars and bikes, so I spend much time driving or riding outside of the city.

Support For Dropping Helicopter Cash Takes Off

The time for more governments to consider dropping helicopter money on households trapped in dire financial straits due to the coronavirus outbreak is with us,

Cremations Are A Hot Trend For Funerals

People have grave concerns about a traditional funeral and are opting for cremations instead. Four out of five funerals in the UK are cremations and

Watchdog Orders New P2P Protection For Investors

City watchdogs have introduced a raft of new safeguards to protect peer-to-peer investors from losing money. The Financial Conduct Authority announced the measures only days

Dealing With Stress Can Help You Live Longer

Managing stress will go a long way towards helping you live longer, according to new research. Stress is directly linked to changes in your personality