Support For Dropping Helicopter Cash Takes Off

The time for more governments to consider dropping helicopter money on households trapped in dire financial straits due to the coronavirus outbreak is with us, says financial experts. Central banks are running out of weapons and strategies to counter the bottom falling out of the world economy as the deadly illness threatens to hold nations … Read more

Property v Pension – What’s The Best Retirement Plan?

Choosing how to grow your money for a comfortable retirement is a vexing question for many investors – and there doesn’t seem to be a correct answer. Picking the right investment horse to back is tricky and can have lifestyle changing repercussions when you reach retirement age. The favourites are property and pensions, but which … Read more

Cremations Are A Hot Trend For Funerals


People have grave concerns about a traditional funeral and are opting for cremations instead. Four out of five funerals in the UK are cremations and relatives and loved ones are looking for more memorable and unique ways to celebrate their loss. Spreading ashes has become more important than the funeral service, with families and friends … Read more

Watchdog Orders New P2P Protection For Investors


City watchdogs have introduced a raft of new safeguards to protect peer-to-peer investors from losing money. The Financial Conduct Authority announced the measures only days after the collapse of property bridging platform Lendy, leaving investors holding £165 million of loans. The platform went into administration with a suspected £90 million of loans in default following … Read more

Scam Alert As Fraudsters Blitz UK Taxpayers


Taxpayers can expect to be hit by a slew of scam messages purporting to offer refunds over the coming weeks. HM Revenue & Customs warns that the scammers tend to hit every spring because they know tens of thousands of taxpayers are sent their self-assessment refunds at this time of year. Investigators expect taxpayers to pick … Read more

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Brexit Extension Call To Ward Off No-Deal Exit

Britain has enough of meaningful or crucial votes over Brexit as the sorry saga’s plot  twists and turns yet again. Now, Prime Minister Theresa May is exchanging letters with European Union senior civil servant Donald Tusk. She is asking for a Brexit extension until the end of June with a no-deal departure from the bloc … Read more

Dealing With Stress Can Help You Live Longer

Managing stress will go a long way towards helping you live longer, according to new research. Stress is directly linked to changes in your personality and fuels the likelihood you will take part in a self-destructive spiral, says the study the Future of Aging for financial firm Axa by Dr Peter Joshi. He reveals a … Read more

Artists Set For Legal Challenge In Pension Row

Artists are facing a brush in court over the terms of their specialist pension fund. Several leading artists are mounting a legal challenge against the Artist Pension Trust because they want back art works signed over to the fund. The Artist Pension Trust aims to provide financial security in retirement to artists who struggle to … Read more

China Wants BRICS Nations To Take The World Stage

Countries with emerging economies are looking for a bigger say in international politics. They believe their economic clout should earn them more places on influential international bodies to reflect their new status. The call came from China’s President Xi Jinping in an address to BRICS nations who feel as the engine powering the world economy, … Read more

Deafening Silence As MPs Vote For Brexit Delay

u and eu flag

The quiet across Europe was deafening as British MPs voted to ask for a Brexit extension. Normally white hot social media accounts peddling European Union propaganda fell silent. The cut-throat antics at Westminster is shocking as MPs throw off the shackles of party political allegiance in a maelstrom of blood letting against rivals who talk … Read more