Secret Savers Keep Cash Hidden From Their Partners

Married couples may swear until death do us part, but they secretly hide savings and debts from each other. One in five partners confess that their partners do not know how much they earn. While squirrelling away cash and keeping quiet about their debts, these partners not only display a lack of trust, but also … Read more

The Irish Back-Stop Explained

The Irish back-stop is a massive stumbling block in the UK Parliament for the Brexit withdrawal agreement between Britain and the EU. The problem is how to manage the land border between Ireland and Northern Ireland if both sides cannot agree a trade deal. The UK and EU have signed up to maintaining an open … Read more

How To Pick A Cryptocurrency Exchange

If you are a cryptocurrency veteran or a newbie ready to dip into investing, you need to pick a trading platform that is right for you. But with a huge number of exchanges worldwide vying for your custom, how do you know which one to pick? The first decision is probably selecting more than one … Read more

Expat Cities With The Longest Vacations

Riyadh is the expat vacation day capital of the world, according to a new survey. Expats working in the Saudi Arabian city can expect at least 37 days off a year – for days more than Moscow, Russia, the second placed city. Swiss bank UBS looked at vacation days as part of wider research into … Read more

British Expats In Fight For Their Rights


British expats in the Netherlands are waiting to find out about their fate in the European Union after Brexit. Campaigners have asked the courts in Amsterdam to rule if expats can be EU citizens after Britain leaves the bloc. The Dutch court has referred the decision to the European Courts of Justice, which is the … Read more

Pension Freedoms Still Confusing Retirement Savers

Thousands of retirement savers are confused about the pension options they have when they reach 55 years old. Pension freedom rules which let savers take money from their funds as they like are complicated – and some of the technical questions can leave financial advisers scratching their heads. Prudential, one of the UK’s biggest pension … Read more

Risky Bitcoin Pensions Could Wipe Out Savings

Digital currency pensions are a new fashion in the US – but critics are warning retirement savers of the risk of losing all their money if they invest and the market slumps. Thousands of investors want to take a chance of building retirement riches on crazy digital currency prices that continue to rise at breakneck … Read more

Government To Fast-Track Cold Calling Ban

A new law against scammers cold-calling pension savers will be fast-tracked through the UK Parliament, says the government. After a barrage of criticism, ministers have decided to speed up the measure designed to make cold calling by phone, email or text message to try to persuade people to switch their pensions. Millions of calls are … Read more

Doctors Retire Early To Avoid Pension Tax Problems

Doctors are taking early retirement in a bid to avoid tax penalties for breaking strict pension saving rules. Researchers found almost a third of family doctors who retired last year gave up work before they were 60 – double the number who retired early in 2012. The rising trend for doctors to retire early mirrors … Read more

Trump wants To Scrap Death Tax For The Wealthiest Americans

Donald Trump says America is the most taxed nation on earth, but it’s just not true – plenty of other countries are vying for the title. Take his plan to scrap inheritance tax as part of his self-proclaimed crusade to reform taxes. To a family in Britain, France or Spain, that sounds a marvellous idea. … Read more

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