Is Consolidating Pensions Worth The Bother?


British workers move jobs an average 11 times during their working lives and often leave a small pension pot behind. The chances are these are likely to be defined contribution pensions that come without any guarantees and fund sizes depend on investment performance. This is also likely to mean they come at a price – … Read more

Taxi Drivers And B&B Owners Are Worst Tax Evaders


If you pay your taxes in full and on time, you will be horrified to know that one in five taxpayers deliberately lie about how much they earn. New research points the finger at the type of person most likely to evade their taxes. More than a fifth of taxpayers ‘under report’ their taxes – … Read more

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Binary Options Banned As Regulators Fear Scams

Consumer watchdogs have placed a permanent ban on gambling on binary options in the UK. The Financial Conduct Authority ban starts from April 2, 2019 and applies to anyone selling, marketing or distributing binary options to customers in the country. Binary options are a simple ‘yes/no’ bet on the movement of an investment. The potential … Read more

Shopping For A Bargain Can Cost More Than Buying New

Buying a bargain because the cost is cheaper than buying new has proved a false economy for thousands of shoppers. One in three consumers regret not shelling out a few extra pounds to buy new, according to a survey from Sainsbury’s Bank. Paying car and home insurance premiums monthly was another regret for 29% of … Read more

Fraudster Treated Charity Pension As A Personal Piggy Bank

Pension trustee Roger Bessent boosted his own finances by treating other people’s retirement savings as his personal piggy bank, a court heard. Bessent siphoned nearly £300,000 from pensions he was running to fund his business and buy to let investments. He covered his tracks with false records alleging other trustees had agreed the spending – … Read more

How Will Brexit Impact UK Inflation and Growth

While inflation in the UK has generally been higher than in European countries that make up the Euro-zone, due primarily to more buoyant economic conditions since 2011, it has always been associated with higher growth. However, following the Brexit referendum inflation continued unabated, while growth has declined. UK Inflation In October of last year, we … Read more

What’s Happened In The Latest Brexit Talks?

u and eu flag

After another week of those seemingly endless Brexit negotiations, what has happened? Despite the smiles and approving noises coming out of London and Brussels, the answer seems to be nothing has changed. Neither side has given in and no deal has been reached. Tory MPs are still growling at each other in anger about if … Read more

No Instant Solution For Compensation, PPF Pensioners Told

Retirement savers expecting a cash windfall after the level of benefits paid by the Pension Protection Fund were ruled unlawful can expect to wait for their money. Last month, the European Court of Justice decided that any PPF payments that amounted to less than 50% of their pre-insolvency entitlements were too low. The PPF caps … Read more

Living Longer And Low Interest Rates Worry Over 50s

The over 50s are plagued with worries about their finances in retirement, according to a new report. The main causes for their concerns are how much money they need because they do not know how long they are likely to live and a decade of low interest rates that have done little to boost their … Read more

Women With A Mistrust Of Saving Lose Out On Pensions

Young women are still more likely to end up with a significantly smaller pension than their male colleagues because of barriers that stop them investing. Even women who save according to auto-enrolment guidance issued by the government may still have smaller pensions. Research by investment firm Fidelity International reckons their pension pots will be at … Read more